Galaxy S9: How Will I Stop Messages From Showing On

By default, messages will display on the notification bar and the lock screen of your Galaxy S9. Getting such a notification when you have an unread message may be useful.  However, if you’re trying to keep your sensitive information private, the Galaxy S9 has built-in features to stop preview messages from appearing. You have two different options at hand:

  • You can disable the pop ups and the previews for good
  • You can just disable the previews and choose to continue receiving popup notifications, without any hint regarding the sender or the content

The options listed above works for both the home and the lock screen. Continue reading this guide if you want to stop your messages from showing up on your Galaxy S9.

How to Disable the Text Popups From Samsung Galaxy S9

Text popups are small windows that will appear when you receive a text message on your phone. This popup refers to both a preview of the text and some details regarding who sent the text. There’s also preview from the Notification bar aside from this window that appears on the Home screen, which works on the same principles.

This popup allows Galaxy S9 to show sensitive information while also allowing owners to reply the texts quickly. Fortunately, you can disable the text popups if you don’t want the people you’re with to be able to see who’s texting you. To shut this feature off, you will have to:


  1. Open the Messages app
  2. Click on the MORE button located at the upper-right corner
  3. Select Settings
  4. Go to Notifications
  5. Find the Pop-Up Display option and switch it off


Alternatively, you can instead turn off the “Preview Message” feature if you’d want to keep the pop-up notifications but hide the information sent in the text message. It means texts will still pop up and show in your notification bar without any suggestions about the sender or the content. The Preview Message feature can be turned off in the same menu as the pop-up display feature. You no longer need to trouble about your sensitive information appearing on the display screen of your Galaxy S9 once you have followed the steps listed above.

How To Control The Lock Screen Messaging Information

You still need to change the lock screen settings if you’re having privacy concerns so that your sensitive information will not show while using your device. You can either turn off the preview or both the preview and the popup. Below are the instructions:


  1. Use your finger to swipe down the Notification shade
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Access the Lockscreen & Security section
  4. Find the option “Notifications on Lock Screen”;
  5. Tap on it and select to hide content from the list of options that will extend if you want to get rid of the previews
  6. Also, you can tap the “Do Not Show Notifications” option if you want to get rid of the notifications


Your Galaxy S9 will no longer show any sensitive information. However, you can follow this guide again if you want to switch notifications on at any time or make any adjustments you see fit.

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