Is HBO Max the Same as HBO Now?

The streaming service battle continues, with the latest entry coming from HBO. You might be wondering “Wait, doesn’t HBO already have a streaming platform?” And you’d be right to scratch your head. These things can get confusing!

Set to launch in May 2020, HBO Max is their latest streaming service. There’s always a lot of buzz going around when a new streaming service is about to be revealed. But what does it all mean for HBO Now users? And does HBO Max bring anything new and exciting to the table?

What Is HBO Max?

Up until now, HBO had two ways of delivering genuinely amazing content to its viewers: HBO GO and HBO Now. In terms of their libraries, they’re almost exactly the same. However, the main difference is you need a cable subscription to use HBO GO, and HBO Now is a standalone streaming service.

So, when it comes to choosing one or the other, it’s just a matter of convenience. Your decision isn’t based on what you get to watch, just how you choose to access HBO content. Okay, but where does HBO Max come in? HBO Max is also a standalone streaming service. And in that respect, it’s very similar to HBO Now.

HBO MaxThe price is even the same, $14.99. But the good news is, the latest addition to HBO streaming family comes with a lot of new content. And some old content that has stood the test of time. Like the TV show “Friends”, which HBO Max poached from Netflix. Netflix famously paid $100 million to steam “Friends” for a year. In a way, all the streaming services that were launched in the last couple of years are trying to knock Netflix off top spot.

What Does HBO Max Bring?

Apart from beloved “Friends” (which is sure to bring a lot of viewers), HBO Max managed to gather up other popular classics like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Doctor Who”. You also get a lot of different programing from WarnerMedia networks, just like HBO Now.

You get to watch political satire and late-night shows. And you also get to enjoy original CNN shows, but without the live TV coverage. For those who miss the charm of Anthony Bourdain, they’ll certainly enjoy his CNN produced “Parts Unknown”.

Is HBO Max the Same as HBO

New TV Shows and Movies

Getting old classics and diverse programming to HBO Max is a smart move that will surely pay off. But HBO Max wouldn’t be able to spar with other streaming giants without some major releases of their own. It seems like one of the ways streaming services are competing with each other is by producing and airing their own take on Stephen King’s fantasy world. HBO Max has announced that they will air a dark mystery titled “The Outsider”.

For those who love a complex family drama, there’s a movie called “I Know This Much Is True”, starring Mark Ruffalo. And a psychological thriller is a must, so “The Undoing” with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant will also grace your screens via HBO Max.

What About the Price?

As mentioned, HBO Max will cost $14.99 – – the same price as HBO Now at the moment. In case you’re wondering if you’ll be able to just upgrade to HBO Max without paying any additional fees, the answer is that it’s not very simple. About 10 million current HBO Now users will get the chance to upgrade to HBO Max. But there are others, mainly those who signed up for HBO Now via third-party providers like Amazon, who aren’t sure what to expect.

HBO is yet to strike deals with other companies, potentially creating bundle solutions. Until the launch day nears and all those deals are made, people won’t know for sure. However, in terms of how the price of $14.99 compares to other streaming services, it’s a matter of perspective.

Namely, it’s clear that HBO Max is more expensive than Netflix at $12.99 per month. And Hulu’s $11.99 per month. Also, Disney+ is still at $6.99, but that price is predicated to increase. The point is that HBO Max is counting on their price to be worth the content they’re offering. And it’s possible that it will turn out to be the case. They are the network of “Game of Thrones” after all.

HBO Max the Same as HBO Now

HBO Max Is HBO Now Plus More

If you’re currently subscribed to HBO Now and loving all that your money is getting you, you’re probably very excited about HBO Max. And there’s plenty of reasons for this. The world of classic TV is mixing with some groundbreaking new shows and movies.

HBO Max is practically the same as HBO Now but with some major upgrades. It’s a standalone streaming service that you don’t have to access via cable provider. And it’s there for your enjoyment any time you feel like watching something.

What do you expect from HBO Max? Let us know in the comments section below.

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