Honor Band 5 vs. Mi Band 4 Review – Which is Better?

honor band 5 vs mi band 4

Fitness trackers have become extremely popular. For one, they can help make your fitness routine far more interesting. If you’re easily bored by plain running every morning, this smart gadget could motivate you before you consider quitting.

With so many different models on the market, it may be difficult to choose a suitable one. The best fit depends on what you need, how big your budget is, and other associated factors.

We’ve compared the Honor Band 5 and Mi Band 4 fitness trackers to help point you in right direction.

About Honor Band 5

An improved version of its forerunner, the Honor Band 5 is a very affordable fitness tracker with many useful features, whether you want to keep track of your exercises or monitor your sleep.

The most commonly used feature is step tracking, and so far it’s been working without issues.

According to Honor Band 5 users, the display may be unresponsive from time to time. Sometimes you can’t see the whole notification, but bearing in mind the price, it’s surely worth turning a blind eye to these shortcomings.

honor band 5

About Mi Band 4

Xiaomi is already well-known for its low prices and great fitness tracking gadgets with long battery life.

When it comes to Xiaomi Mi Band 4, it definitely offers amazing quality and is more than affordable. It’s a real upgrade compared to Mi Band 3, and key changes have to do with the display and features Mi Band 4 users can now enjoy. The display is now in color, it’s bigger and the resolution is higher.

As for the features, this tracker can now collect info about your swimming workouts.

mi band 4

Which One’s Better?

If you’re trying to decide which one to buy, it’ll certainly be a hard decision to make. Let’s compare some of the features.


Both gadgets cost practically the same, depending on the place of purchase. But, in general, be prepared to pay around $40 for one of these trackers.

Battery Life

According to a great number of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 users, this device has unparalleled battery life. When constantly in use, the battery can last up to three weeks! If it’s in sleep mode, you might not have to charge it for a whopping 45 days!

On the other hand, Honor Band 5 needs to be charged after two weeks of use, as it hasn’t seen a battery upgrade since its predecessor. If you want to use the sleep tracking feature too, you may reach for a charger after 10 days. Also, you may want to know that it doesn’t inform you when the battery is running low. You may get a surprise in the middle of your workout!

Software Features

Both Honor and Xiaomi bands can track the number of steps you make and measure your heart rate. Xiaomi Band can also accompany you in swimming exercises and even tell a difference when you’re changing styles. The results are pretty accurate, users say.

Honor Band 5 manufacturers claim its sensors have now been improved and it can monitor your blood oxygen levels. Apart from that, the best new feature monitors your sleep and detects when it’s deep and when it’s light. Mi Band can do that too, but only during the night. Honor Band can help detect sleep disorders and evaluate the quality of your sleep even during the day.

Other Features

Honor Band is a smaller app and has a slightly better rating on Google Play. It also monitors your blood oxygen levels, which Mi Band 4 can’t, and has the ability to automatically detect your activities.

On the other hand, Xiaomi device can measure pace – which you can’t do this with Honor Band 5. It also doesn’t sync automatically, and Mi Band 4 does.

Both gadgets have glass displays with great visibility, even when you’re outdoors on a sunny day. They’re compatible with Android and iOS devices, but neither has GPS. They’re also both waterproof and sweat resistant and can use Bluetooth for connection.

honor band 5 mi band 4

The Best Fit

The Honor Band 5 and the Mi Band 4 are pretty similar in their appearance, as well performance.

You probably won’t go wrong whichever you choose, but it all depends on your priorities and what you expect from a fitness tracker.

Has this article helped you make up your mind and choose a fitness companion for your workouts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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