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How to Use Your Amazon Fire Stick with an LG Smart TV

How to Use Your Amazon Fire Stick with an LG Smart TV

Modern smart TVs come packed with fantastic features, such as amazing resolution options, various downloadable apps, and a number of other brilliant tools. Just as the TV, as a device, has moved forward and evolved, so has television itself. People are getting into streaming services at an ever-increasing pace, gradually leaving the old-school concept of television behind.

LG smart TVs are among the most popular smart TVs at the moment and Amazon’s Firestick is a common digital streaming device of choice. If you’ve just both the two, here is how to install the Firestick on your LG smart TV.

Compatibility and Requirements

First, you should know that not all LG TVs will be compatible with the Firestick. However, an HDTV model with an HDMI port should suffice.

Secondly, streaming devices and services require internet connection in order to operate. Unlike regular cable or satellite TV, you’ll need internet access to use a Firestick. If you want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in full HD, it is suggested that you opt for at least a mid-tier internet plan, with solid upload and download speeds.

Finally, to use your Firestick, you’ll need an Amazon account. If you have ordered your Firestick via a preexisting Amazon account, the device should already be registered to that account. Don’t worry, though, you can always log out, log in with a new account, or use multiple accounts on one device.


Installing Firestick on LG Smart TV

The installation process isn’t too complex and shouldn’t take too long to complete. That being said, it may not be as straightforward as turning on your TV and going to its app store. It may take some legwork and minor tweaking along the way.

install firestick on lg smart tv

Physically Connecting the Device

First, you should physically connect your Firestick to the LG smart TV and the power source. On the Firestick device, you’ll see two ports, a micro-USB and an HDMI. The micro-USB port is used for power supply.

Take the cable that arrived in the box and plug the micro-USB end into the Firestick and plug the other end into the provided power adapter. Then, plug the adapter into the preferred power outlet. This should get your Firestick up and running.

Plug the Firestick into the TV’s HDMI port. Make sure that you memorize which HDMI port you’ve plugged it into.

The Virtual Side

Now that you’ve got the two devices connected physically, it’s time to move on to the software side. Don’t worry because it’s nothing overly complex. All you need to do is turn the TV on, press the Input button in the top right corner of your LG smart TV remote and select the right HDMI port. Next, you should see the Firestick logo appear on your TV screen. The loading process may take some time.

Do not turn either of the two devices while the Firestick loading screen is displayed. The Firestick may take a while to load because it is booting for the first time.

The Firestick Remote

You’ll control your Firestick via its own remote, rather than the LG remote that came with the TV. You should receive a set of AAA batteries with your Firestick box. Find them and install them. Open the backplate on the remote device and place the provided batteries inside. Once you’ve done this, the remote should pair with the Firestick device automatically.

On the off-chance that this doesn’t happen, press the remote’s Home button and hold it for about 10 seconds. Be patient, you may have to hold it a bit longer. This should pair the remote with the Firestick.

The Setup

Once your Firestick is ready, you should press the Play/Pause button in order to enter the setup process. You will first be prompted to select your preferred language. Use the remote’s navigation keys to highlight the preferred language and press Select/OK to set it.

Now, the Firestick should start scanning for Wi-Fi networks. When your network appears on the screen, select it and, if required, enter your credentials. Now, your Firestick should be connected to the internet and fully functional.

The Registration

As mentioned before, your Firestick will arrive preregistered if you’ve ordered it through an existing Amazon account. If you haven’t ordered the device using your account, don’t have an Amazon account, or want to sign in with a different one, simply follow the instructions that appear on the screen to register/de-register the Firestick.

In case your Firestick didn’t come preregistered, you’ll see a window with two options: “I already have an Amazon account.” and “I am new to Amazon.” Choose the appropriate option and follow the on-screen instructions. After you’re done, your Firestick will start the registration process. Don’t be surprised if this process takes more than a few seconds.

That’s All, Folks

After the registration process is done, your Firestick will be ready to use on your LG smart TV. The device itself will guide you through a tutorial on how to use it and that should be enough to get you going.

Was your Firestick installation successful? Are you experiencing any strange issues? Feel free to hit the comments section below with any tips and/or questions that you may have.

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18 thoughts on “How to Use Your Amazon Fire Stick with an LG Smart TV”

Carol Penn says:
My firestick will not load on my tv it just keeps spending like it’s trying to connect
steve hurrell says:
thinking of buying 32 inch lg smart tv for bedroom and was just checking if amazon firestick is compatable with the lg 32 inch smart tv and can i just take it out of my other lg tv in the lounge
Shiva says:
I have LG tv 43inches. When I tried connecting it shows no signal. I tried different sources but the same message appears
Ken says:
I have an older LG TV. And my Firestick first said invalid format and then no signal. I ended up having to hold down the rewind button and the up direction button simultaneously for about 10 seconds on the remote until it put the firestick into some sort of video format selecting. And then I could hit okay on the firestick remote when I saw one of the formats. It works now but what a pain.
Loren Arveson says:
I have a LG Model $43lh5700-hd. Will a firestick or roku express4k work on this tv?
Robert J Haney says:
DirecTV aka ATT, should be tried for disingenuous advertising: They don’t ask if you have an LG TV before inducing a purchase with HBO MAX. When you have a problem downloading the HBO MAX app from the LG Content Store because it isn’t available, you find DirecTV has lied to you. But they got your business and you signed a contract for 24 months of service. There’s a penalty if you cancel; either a blow to your credit if you don’t pay, or a shot to your bank account if you do. Bad people. Fron the president on down the executive list. They have known about this problem since 2019.
Michael DelRossi says:
We have LG SKS9000PUA TV and we have cable HBO and trying to get HBO MAX was told we need a Amazon Firestick, you go through all the steps and it is still asking for another credit card to load HBO MAX when we are already paying for it? Called Tech Support and they remotely tried to Setup with NO Results? Told that LG HDMI Ports will not except the Amazon Fire stick; just be satisfied with what you already have? We will try it on another TV a 32″ Samsung, that’ll be tomorrow’s project! Disguised with this LG Tv!
Laurence Perryman says:
When I hook up fire stick to my LG Smart TV the screen just displays Amazon in the middle and that’s it it. It doesn’t show the fire stick and Amazon doesn’t go anywhere so what’s next anybody have any suggestions?
richard roffey says:
I have got through this stage of the installation. The problem comes when I try to download apps like itv or iPlayer. It is unable to download so am intendiy on returning the 4k firestick.
Bhav says:
I want to purchase firestick. Can anyone tel if it will support 2012 model LG tv model number LM6410?
Mike says:
I have a lg webOS TV UH7650 and hooked up fire stick & it says no signal. I follow the YouTube instructions and still no signal I did not purchase the sticks it was a gift what can I do
rohit says:
same issue
did you have any solution
Rosemary Coomber says:
We all seem to have the same problems in general. I can’t connect to the wireless network. It keeps saying password incorrect. And when I do it on another tv it connects and works but no sound. What do I do?
Jeet Dutta says:
My Amazon Fire Stick Was Not Working In My LG LV3000 Series 26 Inches. The TV Have 2 HDMI Port.
But My Another TV Was Sony and it’s working Properly.
Doris Robinson says:
Hook my Amazon Firestick up to my LG TV and it kept saying the there was no signal and invalid connection what could be the problem with this because i was able to hook up other tv with firestick and there was no problem
Mike Yount says:
My brand new fire stick does not connect either at all or sometimes connects but with static lines running across the screen on my LG. 42LD550 TV, but connects just fine and works perfectly on another LG TV, model 32LS3400. Any idea why.? The older model (42LD550) HAS 4 HDMI ports and they all work fine with satellite service. Could it be a firmware problem. It does have some apps built in the tv(Netflix, YouTube, Pandora). Any ideas?
Mike Yount says:
Update! Problem solved. Turns out that the resolution in the settings of the fire stick were to high for the tv. Lowered the resolution in the settings in the fire stick and now works fine. Sorry This might be helpful to pass along if others in case they are experiencing a similar problem. Thanks.
Rachel says:
My Amazon fire stick works but has no sound. I have done a lot of googling and its something to do with the hdmi ports. So i need to buy a cable to convert the hdmi to have sound. Any idea what cable i need to buy?
Many thanks
Sam says:
Mine came up but continually showed an error message about optimizing the screen “To provide an optimized picture quality, the ULTRA HD Deep Color…- and it wouldn’t go away, however, I was able to initialize it and even download an app – but the white error message box just stays on the screen. It also disabled the use of my FIOS remote control and I could no longer select between HDMI1 and HEMI2.
Gloria F Adler says:
Mine won’t come on either.
it’s been 1 hour
no my firestick wont come on its been loading for nearly an hour and just says “optimising system storeage and applications ” it also says it will take approx 10 mins…

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