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How To Change Color Of Folder On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

Galaxy S8 smartphone users can easily group different apps together, in one or more folders. The purpose is to help you declutter the Home screen and better organize all your apps and files. Since you’re using a particular folder to group apps with a common theme or a specific utility, you should know that the name of the folder is not the only option that can be customized.

The color of the folder can also be adjusted, so you will spot the folder you need, with all its apps, without having to read its name or trying the remember its position on the screen.


If you want to change the app folder colors on the Home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, all you have to do is to:

  1. Go to the Home screen;
  2. Tap on the App menu;
  3. Select the Edit button available at the top-right corner;
  4. Select the folder you are planning to edit by changing its color;
  5. The screen will bring up the selected folder with all its content;
  6. You should see a color palette displayed right next to the folder’s name;
  7. Tap on the color palette and select the desired color from the list of blue, orange, green, or yellow;
  8. Tap on Finish when you’ve selected your color.


Back to the Home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S8, the selected folder already changed its color. Feel free to personalize any other folders however it pleases you!

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David Williams

Apr 5, 2017

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