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How To Create, Edit And Delete Alarm On Huawei P10

How To Create, Edit And Delete Alarm On Huawei P10

Most smartphones come with an alarm clock feature and the Huawei P10 is no different. Unfortunately, like every phone, the Huawei P10 alarm clock works slightly differently to other smartphones. You’ll need to learn how to use the alarm clock app before you can create, edit and delete alarms on the Huawei P10. You can also use the clock app for setting up timers.

In the guide below we’ll explain how you can create and manage alarms on the Huawei P10, as well as how you can quickly activate the snooze function when an alarm rings.


Manage Alarms

You can create a new alarm by going to your apps page, then opening the clock app, then tapping ‘create.’ More details on setting alarms have been provided below.

  • Time: When setting the time, use the up/down arrows to adjust the time the alarm will trigger. Tap the AM/PM to change to afternoon or morning.
  • Alarm repeat: Use this feature to tap which days the alarm will repeat. You can also set the alarm to repeat weekly on the days you’ve selected.
  • Alarm type: Use this option to choose between Sound, Vibration, or Vibration and sound.
  • Alarm tone: With this feature you can choose the sound of the alarm.
  • Alarm volume: Use this to adjust the volume of the alarm.
  • Snooze: You can toggle the snooze feature on and off and also change the snooze time from 3 to 30 minutes. You can also choose a maximum number of times an alarm can be snoozed.
  • Name: Finally, you can use the Name feature to set the name of the alarm. This will appear when the alarm triggers.


Deleting an Alarm

To delete an alarm, you must visit the alarm menu by going to apps > Clock > alarms. Simply touch and hold your finger on the alarm you’d like to delete, then tap ‘Delete.” Alternatively you can touch the clock icon to disable the alarm without deleting it.


Turning Off an Alarm

When the alarm rings, hold your finger on the red X and then swipe your finger either left or right.


Setting the Snooze Feature

If you would like to set the alarm to snooze when it triggers, touch the “ZZ” sign instead, and drag that either left or right. Make sure to switch the Snooze feature on in the clock app first.


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