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Using LG G6 Developer Mode

Using LG G6 Developer Mode

The latest LG flagship smartphone is known as the LG G6. The latest LG G6 has a whole load of cool features, controls, selections and security settings that Google opts to hide from the basic user. They are known as developer options. The good news is that it is possible to enable these developer options on your LG G6 smartphone.

This will especially enable you to access many hidden features and controls on your LG G6. Once you have enabled the developer mode, you can then meddle with the additional features of your device, alter the settings as well as enabling the USB debugging mode. To access the advanced functions, you will be required to enable the normally hidden developer menu in the settings menu.

Unlocking the developer menu is especially important if you wish to become a developer or even installing of third party software and ROMs. Our guide below will show you how to activate the developer mode on your LG G6.


Why should I enable the developer mode?

One thing you need to understand is that by enabling the developer mode, no harm is done to your device. The Developer mode simply enables you access those settings that Google decides to hide from you for a reason. Therefore, for those that wish to customize their devices, you will need to access some of those settings.


How can I enable the developer mode on my LG G6?

For you to enable the developer mode, open the settings menu on your LG G6. In the settings menu, browse for the option “About device.” Then hit on the option “Build number.” You will see a prompt after a few taps. Press 4 more taps and it’s done! Hit the back key to return to the base settings menu of your LG G6.

Once you’re back to the normal settings page, you’ll notice a new option right above the “about device” setting. When you press on it, it will take you to a new developer page menu that was previously hidden. You should know that the developer menu needs to be turned ON for the full functionality of the menu.

After enabling the Developer mode on your LG G6, many settings show up that are majorly targeted for the advanced user. The major advantage for enabling the Developer Mode is gaining access to these settings that are hidden from the standard user of the LG G6 smartphone.


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