How To Disable App Update Notifications On Galaxy S9

Your Samsung Galaxy S9 is packed with a lot of great awesome features. These features include those that improve accessibility, customization, and added functionality to your phone. These features work best and flawlessly if they are kept up to date. However, your phone reminds you consistently about these updates, even when you have thought of downloading them at a later time. 
These app update notifications can be annoying sometimes, making you want to be able to turn them off. The good news is you can! While app update notifications on your Galaxy S9 are ON by default, you may choose to switch them off.

How To Turn Automatic App Updates ON & OFF

To set automatic app updates to power on or off, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your device Samsung Galaxy S9
  2. Go to Apps Menu and Select the Play Store Icon
  3. Choose the menu on the top left of the Play Store
  4. Then you will see a sliding menu
  5. Choose Settings from the menu
  6. Look on the choices and tap “Auto-updates app”
  7. Select it and choose ” Do not auto-update app” 

And you can observe that there will be no more notifications on your S9 screen now that appear unsolicited. However, if you wish to turn it back on, you can do so easily. Just follow the steps above for the second time, then change the selection on the last step to “Automatic update”.
You can also choose to update each app manually if you want to. This is done by proceeding to the app’s page on the Play Store and select the Update button. Remember, keeping your apps up to date helps in keeping them stable. However, it also eats up unnecessary storage on your phone. So, it is important also to choose which apps to update and which ones to keep at their current state.

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