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How To Factory Reset Huawei P10

How To Factory Reset Huawei P10

The most common way of fixing any Huawei problem is through performing a factory reset of the smartphone. The other reason would be to obviously to give your Huawei P10 a fresh start. This particularly makes it look like it just came out of its purchase box. Here are some basic instructions on how to get your Huawei P10 back to its factory settings.

However, you should know that it is very important to back up your important information to prevent any loss of data as a result of the reset process. To back up your phone, open Settings> Back Up & Reset.


How to factory reset your Huawei P10

Open the notifications section of your Huawei P10 and then hit the gear-shaped icon to open the Settings screen. Hit on Backup and Reset option that is normally listed under “User &Backup” then select “factory data reset”. At this point, you should have already backed up your files to prevent any loss of information. If it’s all set, hit “reset device” at the lower end of the screen. Then hit “delete all” and wait for a few seconds for the device to complete the process. Reboot your Huawei P10.


Resetting your Huawei P10 with hardware keys

If you experience an unresponsive touchscreen, a problem accessing the main menu or perhaps forgot a screen lock or a pattern, try resetting your Huawei P10 through the hardware keys;

  1. Power OFF your Huawei P10
  2. Hit and hold the Home, Volume Up and the Power keys simultaneously. Hold until the Android logo appears.
  3. Use the Volume Down buttons to highlight “wipe data/factory reset” option and the Power key to select it.
  4. Then use Volume Down key to highlight “Yes-delete all user data” and hit the Power key to select it.
  5. After the process has completed, and your Huawei P10 rebooted, everything willl have been wiped clean and your device will be ready for a new set-up



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Mar 5, 2017

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