How To Fix Galaxy S8 Slow Charging Problem

Your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone has a pretty decent battery, but if you cannot charge it fast enough, you will eventually feel annoyed. That’s because all those apps that you’re running and all the Internet you’re using will soon enough drain what’s left of the battery and you won’t have the patience to wait for hours just so the phone will charge and you will start all over again.

If you’re interested in how to fix Galaxy S8 slow charging problems, we’ve put together a couple of solutions. Allow us to separate them by the nature of their problems in hardware and software charging issues.


Galaxy S8 slow charging hardware troubleshooting

Since this is a matter of plug and charge, there are usually only three things that could be at fault on the hardware side:

  1. The power adapter is broken;
  2. The USB cable is faulty;
  3. The charging port got some debris caught up.


If it’s the power adapter, you can easily tell by the message you’re not getting when you plug the charger. Confused? As you probably noticed, your Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a default feature of fast charging. Whenever you connect the charger, you should be able to see a message on the display telling you that the fast charging is enabled. The moment when you stop seeing it, you have all the reasons to suspect that the power adapter is broken and you should try to replace it with a new one.


If it’s the USB cable, again, you can try using a different cable and test if the charging problem persists. These cables can deteriorate much easier than you would expect, so don’t just assume it cannot be its fault.


If it’s the charging port that you are suspecting, suffices to use a toothpick and try to gently clean the port. Whether it’s dust or another kind of dirt piled around the connectors, it should go off and allow a proper charging after that.


Galaxy S8 slow charging hardware troubleshooting

When the “soft”, hardware issues couldn’t be detected, it’s time to troubleshoot for some “hard”, software malfunctions. Again, we have three potential problems and recommendations for you:

  1. Clear the background apps;
  2. Uninstall third-party apps;
  3. Initiate a system dump.


Clearing the background apps is important because in the event that there are apps running in the background that you don’t know of, they might easily consume your Galaxy S8 resources, the battery included. While you are trying to charge your phone fast, those apps are sucking up the battery without you even knowing it. So, it won’t be just the battery they’re consuming, but also all the other resources of the device, making it run slower than it should.


To clear the background apps:

  1. Tap and hold the Home icon;
  2. Release it as soon as the list of recently used apps shows on the screen;
  3. Open the Task Manager;
  4. Tap on End All Applications;
  5. Select the RAM option;
  6. Clear the RAM memory.


Uninstalling the third-party apps might help in the event that you have a third-party app you’re not aware of and that is causing problems to your device. By third-party apps we mean everything you have installed on your own after you got your Samsung Galaxy S8. If you can connect the origins of this slow charging problem with a moment when you installed a particular app, it’s even better. If not, you might have to uninstall more apps.


Either way, you need to enter the Safe Mode and test or just uninstall apps in there:

  1. Restart the smartphone;
  2. Wait until you see the Samsung logo on the screen;
  3. Press and hold the Volume down key immediately;
  4. When you see the Safe Mode text on the corner of the screen let go of that key;
  5. Navigate through the menus and go to Settings, tap on More, and enter the Application menu;
  6. Select the Downloaded category;
  7. Select those third-party apps you think you should uninstall;
  8. Tap on Uninstall;
  9. Tap on OK to confirm;
  10. When you’re done, press and hold on the Power key to restart the phone.


Last but not least, you have the System Dump that will provide you a ROM image and help you to completely restore the device and go back to the factory settings. All you have to do to perform a System Dump and start from scratch, hopefully, with a perfectly functional charging feature, is to:

  1. Open the dialer window;
  2. Type *#9900#;
  3. In the newly opened page, scroll down and select the Low Battery Dump;
  4. Select the Turn On option;
  5. Wait for the process to finish.


When none of our solutions helped you to fix the Galaxy S8 slow charging issue, you’d better go to an authorized service. Looks like you need a battery replacement.


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