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How To Fix "No Service" On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

All smartphones rely on the signal sent by the network operators in order to stay connected to the network and provide you with voice, texting, or Internet services. Samsung Galaxy S8 works exactly the same and for the very same reasons, it could easily remain without service once in a while.
In our experience, Galaxy S8 users dealing with this particular problem describe it in different ways, like:

  • I have no service on Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus;
  • I cannot make calls or text;
  • I am seeing the “Emergency calls only” message;
  • No network connection available;
  • No signal bars displayed at the top of the screen etc.

If you are familiarized with any of the situations that we have just described, you will want to know how to fix this common issue. Follow these steps:

  • Give your phone a break – turn it off, leave it like that for a couple of minutes, turn it back on;
  • Reset the network settings under Backup and Reset – even though this will imply retyping the Wi-Fi password after that, because the device will forget the previous settings;
  • Change the network mode under Settings, Mobile Networks – this means that you should select the second option labeled as WCDMA/GSM (auto connect);
  • Initiate a network scan and manually select your Carrier – go back to Mobile Networks >> Network operators >> Search networks and wait for it to complete the scan, then select your Carrier from the returned results;
  • Check your SIM card, especially if you couldn’t get any network results at the previous scan – if you can see the network when inserting a different SIM card, you will have to change your current SIM or at least reach out to your Carrier and ask for a verification to confirm that the SIM is activated;
  • Perform a factory reset if your SIM works perfectly fine on another device and nothing you did so far helped you to overcome the Galaxy S8 no service problem.

Needless to insist, if not even the factory reset helped you to pick up the signal once again, it looks like your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus requires a replacement. There’s nothing you can do with a smartphone that has no signal.

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Mar 30, 2017

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