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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi Issue

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi Issue

With the number of apps that run on the Samsung Galaxy S9 needing the Internet for basic software updates even, it makes you appreciate how essential the Wi-Fi feature is on any smartphone.

But if it happens that your wireless connectivity is not as strong as expected and your mobile data plan is proving to be unreliable as well, then you desperately need to learn how to fix the Wi-Fi issue affecting your Samsung Galaxy S9.

Whether your smartphone cannot seem to connect with any kind of Wi-Fi network or the connectivity is so bad that you would be better off without it, there are a variety of causes that can cause the Wi-Fi issue, including a special Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi bug, included.

In this extended tutorial, we will be touching on the different possible causes and the solutions you can try out to fix the Wi-Fi issue by yourself.

First off, let’s get started with the special bug we mentioned earlier.

Wi-Fi Bug Issue on Samsung Galaxy S9

This bug usually causes synchronization problems with apps and affects them from time to time. Sometimes you might notice that your Gmail app is having syncing issues, and then the next day it appears fine, and then the routine continues like that.

Sometimes you might also notice that your Wi-Fi connectivity often disconnects even when you are connected to different networks.

Common Solutions for Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi Bug

  1. Refresh the wireless connection by launch the Settings app > click on the current Wi-Fi connection > Slide it from On to Off, and revert it to On after a few minutes
  2. After doing this, reboot your Samsung Galaxy S9
  3. If the issue persists, then you should test the connectivity status when the Bluetooth is switched off
  4. Also, check out the connectivity when you switch off the location services
  5. The last step you should perform is for you to search the latest software update and update it as new updates usually come with fixes for old bugs.

The steps highlighted above are the basic options you should consider first when trying to fix your Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi issue. Let us move on to the troubleshooting options we have.

Cut the Wi-Fi through the Airplane Mode

The purpose of enabling Airplane Mode is to cut the wireless connection for a few seconds. After turning on the Airplane Mode for a few minutes, you should turn it off and switch on the Wi-Fi connection again. It often works for most smartphones, even if it is a temporary fix.

Even if it is a temporary fix, nothing is stopping you from using it. Slide down the Notification Shade, and you should be able to locate the Airplane Mode icon among the options.

Click on it once to enable the Mode, and the current Wi-Fi connection will cut out. You should click on it after a few minutes to deactivate it.

Refresh the Wi-Fi Connectivity

Another temporary fix is to disconnect the Wi-Fi and then turn it back on just like the Airplane Mode method. You can perform this operation from the Notification Panel, without needing to activate any other features.

Restart your Galaxy S9

Another way to fix the Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi issue is by rebooting the device itself. If there is a background app that is slowing down the Wi-Fi connection, then the restart should fix the issue and allow your smartphone to function properly again.

Restart the Modem

In the event that your Galaxy S9 is the part causing the issue, then you should consider restarting the modem. You have a basis for suspicion if your other devices at home, or in the office connected to the modem are experiencing the same Wi-Fi issues.

Forget the Current Connection

This is different to simply turn the Wi-Fi on and off because it actually involves deleting all the data that your Samsung Galaxy S9 has previously acquired from the connection. To perform this process, you will need to access your smartphone Wi-Fi settings, locate the network you are currently connected to, click on it and select the Forget option.

After doing this, reboot the device and head back to the settings menu, scan for new networks and reconnect to your previously existing connection. This method offers high chances of solving the Wi-Fi problem.

Clear the Cache Memory

More often than not, a corrupted cache is most likely the source of different problems plaguing the Samsung Galaxy S9. Its effect on the phone is that it gradually slows down your Galaxy S9, so it is best you wipe the cache and allow it to rebuild itself.

After that, your Wi-Fi connection should be fully operational and solid at all times.

How to Clear the Galaxy S9 Cache Memory

  1. Turn off your Galaxy S9
  2. Hold down the Power, Volume Down, and Home buttons simultaneously
  3. When the Android logo boots, release the Power button
  4. When the phone restarts, release both the Volume Down and Home buttons
  5. Navigate to the Recovery Mode, locate the Wipe Cache Partition option with the Volume Down button
  6. Select the Wipe Cache Partition option via the Power button
  7. After doing this, use the Volume Down button to click on the Reboot option and the Power button to activate the reboot

When you are done with the instructions highlighted above, the phone will reboot to its normal functioning mode. Your Wi-Fi connectivity should start working correctly henceforth. If there are still any existing issues, your next logical step is to take your Samsung Galaxy S9 to a Samsung store for advanced evaluation.

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