How to Fix Wireless Charging Problem on Galaxy S9 and S9+

When your batteries are drained, fumbling around for a cable for your charger is a nightmare. With wireless charging, you can simply place your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus onto the Charging Pad and continue using it. This is a very convenient feature.

There are some options to choose from when charging your Galaxy S9 wirelessly. One of these is the Fast Charge Samsung Qi wireless charging pad or Samsung wireless charging pad. You can find these charging pads for sale anywhere in the world.

Wireless Charging Error

However, there have been reports of users regarding wireless charging on their Galaxy S9. Some say it is not working. It might be disappointing for you if your wireless charger won’t work since you already rely on this feature where you don’t need to plug anything using a chord to charge.

If you find that your Galaxy S9 is not charging wirelessly, you might get a message that says something like “Wireless Charging Paused”. When this happens, you may try the tips below to assess the fault.

How to Fix Wireless Charging Problem on Galaxy S9

Before doing anything, try to use a substitute charger to see if the fault is with the charging unit itself. If this is not an option, you may try another phone and charge it in the pad. If the pad does not charge anyway, then the problem might be the pad itself. However, if you have used it successfully before, you may try the following.

Try Rebooting

Sometimes you just need to sleep it off. Same goes with your phone. Try powering it off and back on again. This may remove some of its problems. It could just be running apps in the background that causes the issues.

Make Sure Charger is Plugged in Properly

Make sure the wireless charger is plugged into the wall properly. See if there is a light indicator for power and if it is turned on.

Remove Your Case

This is a simple one. Try removing your case since it might be interfering with the charging surface.

Boot in Safe Mode

Try to boot your phone into safe mode and see if it helps. You can do so by following the guide on how to put your Galaxy S9 in safe mode.

Do a Factory Reset

As a last resort, performing a factory reset on your phone solves all software-related problems. It wipes your phone of anything that it has after it went out of the box. Before doing a factory reset, make sure you have backed up all your important files and data. You may not be able to retrieve them once the process is done. To do a factory reset on your Galaxy S9, follow this guide.

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