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How To Free Up Storage On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

How To Free Up Storage On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

One thing about this digital age that we live in is that we can’t seem to have enough when it comes to storage space. Same holds true for users of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. Even if you have the phone with the largest storage space available it just seems to not be enough. This is also because these new state of the art devices are loaded with the latest technology which causes you to downloading the latest songs, taking vivid photos and videos, and installing all kinds of apps which makes us end up losing storage space.
Don’t fret about this so much Recomhubbers, because we show you 6 ways on how to make the most out of this situation and continue using your most beloved smartphone to its fullest performance.

  1. Delete any third party app that you are not using anymore
  2. Delete files that are stored in the Download folder
  3. Why not try a music streaming app instead of saving songs on your device
  4. Make a copy of all your media files to a Computer
  5. Save your media files in a cloud storage
  6. Perform a factory reset


To Uninstall Any App You Don’t Need:

  1. Scroll to Settings and click on Apps;
  2. Choose from the list of apps displayed according to how much space they occupy, uninstall the biggest ones to clear up space

No need to worry because you can reinstall these apps if you find a need for them in the future. But for now, you will have saved a whole chunk of MB’s by removing apps that you don’t frequently use.

To Clean Up The Download Folder:

  • You have the choice to either connect your smartphone to a PC via USB cable and proceed to delete files manually
  • Or you can also try the dedicated Downloads app and perform the cleanup directly from your device

You will be amazed to discover how many files you were keeping in there that was taking up space that you don’t even remember anymore. It is common to have images, APK’s and PDF files stored in there.

To Try A Music Streaming App:

There are a lot of music streaming services out there that you can try out, one of the most popular nowadays is Spotify. You can try this for free but for those who want to listen to specific tracks you need to pay and get their premium account.
There are on the other hand many free music streaming apps and websites that can offer music for free like Google Play Music and Pandora. The downside with using free apps is having to listen to a lot of sponsored ads in between songs. Internet radio like Jango who claims to be the best when it comes to internet radio.  
Whatever service you choose, this will enable you to move all the songs that were previously stored on your smartphone into the online servers of your music streaming provider. This will use up mobile data, but a lot of space can be freed up on your device by removing the music files which do take up a lot of space.
Majority of the streaming apps will allow you to select manually what songs you would want to download and include in your playlist. You are also able to change the selections on a regular basis. This way, you only use the Internet for all your music needs and do away music files to free up much needed space on your Galaxy S9.

To Move All Your Media Files To A PC:

  1. Using a USB cable connect your smartphone to a PC
  2. If you are going to use a Mac, you must install the Android File Transfer app
  3. Once your device is connected as a removable drive you can then transfer all files from your DCIM and Camera folders to the PC
  4. You can now erase all the files on your device when you are done copying them to the PC

Another alternative way to do this is by using special programs for Mac, Windows and Linux that can make it automatic for media files to be copied once a smartphone is detected by the PC. Examples of these are, Windows Photo Viewer, Adobe Lightroom, Iphoto and Dropbox.

To Save Your Media Files In The Cloud:

  1. Choose your preferred cloud storage app to use with your Samsung Galaxy S9. Choices can be Dropbox, Google Photos or Microsoft One Drive
  2. Proceed to download your choice and install on your device
  3. Make sure to follow the steps provided when you launch the app in order for it to automatically start camera uploads
  4. Wait until the app uploads all photos and videos that you currently have on your smartphone
  5. Once these files are copied you can now proceed to erase these files on your smartphone to free up space

It is good to note that these apps have the capability to automatically store all your new pictures and videos on to its dedicated server. Best if you configure the app to use exclusively Wi-Fi for this process.

To Run A Factory Reset:

  1. Go to Settings on your device
  2. Type “Factory data reset” in the dedicated search box
  3. Choose the preferred option
  4. Confirm that you read the warning and you want to go through with the reset
  5. Wait a while for the process to finish

Always remember that performing a factory reset on your device will bring it back to its factory defaults possibly erasing all of your important files and data. Best to backup files before proceeding with a factory reset.

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