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How To Locate Your Phone Number On Galaxy Note 8

How To Locate Your Phone Number On Galaxy Note 8

Most users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 do not know how to find their number on their device. There are times when you will need to locate your number on your device especially when you just changed your SIM, and you want to use the new number.

It is very easy to locate your number on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Your smartphone has a dedicated section called the SIM card status. You can use this option to find all relevant details about your SIM card which includes your number.

How you can locate your phone number on your Galaxy Note 8:
1. Locate the Home screen
2. Click on the Apps icon
3. Click on the Settings menu
4. Search for the About Device option on the list and select it.
5. A new window will appear, tap on the Status menu
6. Click on the SIM card status
7. A new window will appear that will show all relevant details of your SIM card including your phone number.

It’s important to point out that there are times when your Galaxy Note8 number will appear as ‘Unknown.’ This means there is a problem with your SIM card or your account.
Most of the time, this error occurs because you didn’t place the SIM card correctly on the SIM tray. All you will need to do is to remove the SIM card and put it back correctly and follow the same steps again. If the issue persists after making use of the above method, then I will suggest that you call your network service provider to assist you in fixing the issue.

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Sep 15, 2017

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