How To Lock Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus Apps

The fingerprint sensor was a revelation from the very beginning. And from that day on, more and more people have begun to use it either for ditching the password / PIN code or as an additional hardware input device that opens up a wider range of possibilities. It’s a mix of improving the protection of the device – since you will no longer be required to type the PIN while other people are looking at you – and getting access to more advanced features.
If you think that this scanning option is a strong enough protection method, so be it. But there are other people who actually seek for enhanced protection. That’s how they end up using third-party apps designed to lock particular apps, usually the ones that can handle personal, sensitive information such as WhatsApp or even the Photo Gallery.
Galaxy S8 comes with the added benefit of letting you lock these apps with your fingerprint, not just with a PIN or a pattern like other Android devices do. One more reason for you to get rid of typing the PIN, right?
As expected, there is more than one way of locking apps on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Below presented are the two best options you have at hand, in our opinion.
Fingerprint App Locker
This is a simple app that can be easily installed from the Play Store. You run it and you are required to introduce your fingerprint. The app will then compare this data to the previous fingerprint entries configured on your device’s system.
Once it has successfully authenticated you, there are two settings you would have to tweak:

  • Accessibility Settings – to allow this app to control the access to all the other running apps from your Galaxy smartphone;
  • Device Administrators control – to ensure the uninstall protection.

Following these two permissions, you will see a list with all the apps currently installed and that you can activate the fingerprint security for. Surf through the list, select the desired app or apps, and just toggle their buttons from Off to On.
From now on, accessing any of the previously selected apps will require a fingerprint scan. It’s simple and intuitive to use, it works flawlessly, and it comes with no annoying ads. If we are to mention one downside of it, however, that would be the lack of any kind of failsafe. Should you ever be unable to use the fingerprint sensor, what are you going to do about it?
Fingerprint and Password App Lock
To kill the suspense from the previously launched question, using an app like this one, that will enable you to set up a password as well, will help you feel much safer. Even though you will no longer rely exclusively on the fingerprint sensor, it doesn’t mean you will have to tap the password every time.
In fact, the app works on any Android device but only the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus users can activate the fingerprint protection through it. On all the other devices, the password will be in place. If you own a Galaxy device, you can use the password exclusively when you are unable to scan your fingerprint, such as when you’ve hurt your finger and you’re wearing a temporary band-aid.
Long story short, this app lock works with fingerprint, PIN code, and unlock patterns. It knows how to look and read all your previously saved fingerprints. And can support all these unlock features at once. This means that you can use the fingerprint all the time and tell the unlock PIN to someone you trust, like your wife, for she can unlock the device as well, without you having to do it for her.
Its settings will enable you, among other things, to choose if and how fast you’d like to relock an app that you just unlocked a couple of seconds ago. You can also activate the uninstall prevention, for all the apps from your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus, the App Lock included. In the absence of lock/unlock power for System apps, you can still activate the app to work as a Device Administrator and benefit, that way, from enhanced security.

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