How To Make Slow Motion Videos On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

One of the great features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that it comes with an amazing video camera. You can use the Note 8 camera to record videos in slow motion. This new feature makes it possible to record quick and normal movements and convert them into a slow motion video. This is made possible because of the powerful processor that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
If you are interested in getting to know how to record videos in slow motion on your Note 8, you can follow the helpful tips highlighted below:
Recording Videos in Slow Motion on Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Switch on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  2. Locate the Camera app
  3. Click on the ‘Mode’ button and make sure the live camera image is being displayed.
  4. A list will appear with several options, locate and tap ‘Slow-motion’ mode.

It’s important to point out that as from now on, anytime you use your camera, it will be recorded in slow motion. You can select how ‘fast’ or slow you want the slow motion should be. The slowest is when you set it to 6×1/2, the medium is 6×1/4, while the best you can go for is 7×1/8.
I will strongly suggest that you select the third option to produce the best slow motion video.

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