How To Mute Galaxy S8 Ringtone Quickly?

Despite the numerous options that you have to mute Galaxy S8 whenever you don’t feel like being interrupted, you can often get caught off guard. What happens if you’re in a place where you can’t take calls, you’ve forgotten to silence the device, and it starts ringing? Once again, Samsung offers you more than one option on how to mute Galaxy S8 ringtone quickly.


By quickly we mean without having to go through who knows how many different menus. Your three main options consist of choosing to:

  1. Use the Easy Mute button;
  2. Press the Power button and automatically reject the call;
  3. Press the Home button to quickly accept the call and then decide to put the call on hold or to mute it.


Just to recap, you have three main options to silence a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus (activate the Mute or Vibrate mode, use the Do Not Disturb mode, or use the Volume Down key to quickly jump from one mode to another) and you have three other options to quickly mute a call when you’ve forgotten to use the previously mentioned solutions.


The Easy Mute feature

This feature allows you to reduce the device to silence by either turning it with the face downwards or placing your hand over the display. By doing so, you’re only blocking the ringtone, yet the call will continue to progress until you decide to answer or the caller decides to hang up.

To activate Easy Mute, which isn’t turned on by default, you will have to access the general Settings. Under Advanced Features, you will see the option labeled as Easy Mute. By tapping on it, you will access a dedicated Easy Mute page, where you can tap on one button and activate this feature.


The Power button

The Power button can do a lot of things if you personalize it that way. Again, to mute Galaxy S8 ringtone quickly through the Power button isn’t something enabled by default. If your interested in using it for this purpose, you’d have to access the Galaxy S8 Settings and find a particular menu under the Applications page.


Long story short, follow this path: Settings >> Applications >> Phone.


On the newly opened Call Settings page, select the option labeled as “Answering and ending calls”. You will be directed towards a page with three main entries that you get to choose from:

  1. Use the Home key to answering calls;
  2. Automatically answer any incoming call whenever the headset or a Bluetooth device are connected to the smartphone;
  3. Use the Power key to end calls.


By selecting the third option, you will be able to reject calls and, consequently, mute the device, from the Power button.


The Home button

As mentioned before, you can use the Home button to take a call and make the ringtone stop. After that, you can decide if you want to mute the call or just to place the caller on hold.

The steps for getting here were presented above. If you select the option to use the Home key to answering calls, available under the “Answering and ending calls” section, you should be able to use this button on your Samsung Galaxy S8 with this purpose.


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