How To Remove Galaxy S9 Vibrates When Picked Up

When Samsung unveiled its flagship project, the Galaxy S9 smartphone, many people were eager to get their hands on one of these awesome devices. With all the hype, who wouldn’t, right? Samsung pitched the Galaxy S9 quite impressively, highlighting how it has been fitted with all kinds of features and accessories. Well, it is not every day that a marketer tells you exactly what to expect in their product but this time around, Samsung got it right.

The Galaxy S9 is the ultimate package in a single device. And even if there are features that may not be integrated, there so many different options to achieve the same results.

Galaxy S9 Vibrates When Picked

Although this feature was intended for ease of performance of the Galaxy S9, there are some users who may get confused when their phone vibrates when picked. Others like me may just find it downright annoying. This is why today’s article is going to focus on getting rid of the vibration each time you pick up your Galaxy S9 smartphone.

Some users might think that something is wrong with their device when they pick up their Galaxy S9 and feel a vibration. If you have ever felt this way, you shouldn’t be worried because it does not represent any serious problem at all. In fact, previous owners of Samsung Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S6 as well Note 4 and Note 5 may have experienced this similar phenomenon. This is actually a very intelligent feature that is usually intended to remind you that there are some unread notifications on your device which need to be checked out. The feature is known as the Smart Alert Feature.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Can Beat Having Your Own Personal Assistant

So, you know when you have a secretary who keeps hounding you for a million different things? If you ignore your device for a good amount of time such as for several hours without using it, you will be notified about the unread messages or missed calls as soon as you pick up the device. It will vibrate before you even wake your Galaxy S9 smartphone, so you will know right away that you have things that need your attention. This is the main function of the Smart Alert feature. It actually serves the same purpose as the LED lights when it blinks in several colors.

In a similar way that the LED notification lights are enabled by default when you purchase the Galaxy S9, you will also find the Smart Alert feature enabled by default. It is upon you to decide whether you want to continue using the feature or if you would rather disable it.

How To Stop Your Galaxy S9 From Vibrating When You Pick It Up:

  1. Display your notification shade by sliding it downwards
  2. Tap the Settings icon then select on the Device tab
  3. Choose to open the Advanced Features option
  4. Locate and tap on the Smart Alert feature
  5. Toggle OFF the Smart Alert feature

As you have seen, it doesn’t take much to be able to disable the smart alert feature. It is important to learn this process because you may already have the LED notifications lights to alert you of any unread notifications.

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