How To Repair Galaxy S9 IMEI Number Problem

In our previous article, we taught you how to locate one of the most important numbers of your life. Or rather, your smartphone’s life. Now, let’s take a look at how you can fix it it’s not working.
So are you having trouble with a malfunctioning IMEI? Don’t let it scare your pants out. This issue is not exactly unheard of, especially with the Galaxy units. And if you’re using Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, you’re not an exception. This issue leads to a more serious issue so don’t shrug it off. It can hinder you from using SMS, Mobile Data, and Call services on your smartphone. 
This is a great proof that nothing’s perfect. Even though Samsung definitely outdid themselves with the really amazing features of their recently launched smartphone, there are still issues. Mind you, none of them are real deal breakers, just a bit cumbersome to say the least. But don’t worry, in this guide, we’ll show you how to solve the IMEI number issue you may be encountering on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus. 

Steps In Repairing Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Or Galaxy S9 Plus’ IMEI Number

Method 1: Resolve By Updating Your Smartphone’s Firmware

  1. Go to the settings menu of your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus
  2. Look for the “About Device” section and select it
  3. Select the Software update option
  4. Press the Download button when the window pops up to prompt you
  5. Wait for a few seconds until the download is completed

Restoring The Null IMEI

  1. Boot your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus
  2. Activate then access the USB debugging mode
  3. Sync your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus to your desktop PC
  4. Download this: EFS Restorer Express
  5. Access the application and then open the EFS-BACK.BAT file
  6. Choose a method in order to recover the EFS via Odin

Doing the instructions above should help you resolve the IMEI issue of your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus. If by any stroke of bad luck, you’ve tried both methods and you’re still losing your IMEI, try to use your smartphone’s original IMEI number to double check whether there are any serious problems. You can refer to your phone’s original box for your phone’s serial number and reach out to Samsung or an authorized reseller for help. 

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