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How to Report a Blackmailer on Instagram

How to Report a Blackmailer on Instagram

For many, social media apps like Instagram is a way to escape from the stress and woes of regular life. However, even on Instagram, you can’t help but be scared of what others can do if they obtain your personal information or private photos. There have been numerous cases of extortion and blackmailing on Instagram, and if you are not taking all the precautions, it can also happen to you.

As such, it’s best to be prepared with what you should do once someone starts blackmailing you on Instagram.

How Does Blackmailing Work on Instagram and Social Media?

In many documented cases, people on Instagram were messaged by an unknown account, telling them they had personal files or details that would be publicly shared if the victim didn’t meet their demands. The perpetrators often try to extort money out of the victims in exchange for keeping the photos, videos, files, or information private.

How the blackmailers get the information varies. Some blackmailers are personally acquainted with the victim, so they can easily get hold of the private files. Some blackmailers hack the victim’s accounts to steal the information.

When it comes to cases like these, the best course of action would be to report blackmail on Instagram. And yes, there’s no need to delete your Instagram account if someone blackmails you on the platform.

What to Do When You Are Being Blackmailed on Instagram

The first thing you’d want to do when being blackmailed on Instagram is to block the account. This way, the blackmailer won’t have any means of contacting you, seeing your friends list, and more. Here’s how to block someone on Instagram.

  1. Open Instagram and head to the blackmailer’s account page.
  2. Tap the three-dot icon at the top right.
  3. Select Block and confirm.
    Instagram block account

The blackmailer can tell when you block them on Instagram, but this is still a good start. You can also report the account with this method, but if you want a more detailed way of reporting, follow this next guide. 

How to Report Someone Blackmailing You on Instagram

Reporting blackmail on Instagram is necessary. But it’s something that you shouldn’t rush because you want to file as detailed a report as possible. First, you’d want to take screenshots or recordings of any proof that you’re being blackmailed. This is incriminating evidence that can be used against the criminal once they are caught.

On Instagram, you can report both the account and the message sent to you. Here’s how.

  1. Open Instagram and head to your chat with the person you want to report.
  2. Tap the ellipsis button next to their name.
  3. Select Report
  4. Choose a reason for reporting.
    Instagram Report Account
  5. Tap Submit report.

There are numerous reasons for reporting someone, but in the case of blackmailing, select Bullying or Harassment. Alternatively, you can also choose The problem isn’t listed here.

You can also report the message itself. This is a good idea as Instagram will directly see the case of blackmailing in doing so. To report a message or conversation, do this.

  1. Open Instagram and head to your chat with the blackmailer.
  2. Look for any incriminating messages and long-press them.
  3. Tap Report.
    Instagram Report Message
  4. Select a reason, and tap Submit report.

Instagram usually takes 24-48 hours before taking action against a report. If all goes well, Instagram will delete the account for violating its Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines. Aside from these, you should also contact the local authorities and check if they can do something to fix the problem.

How to Avoid Getting Blackmailed on Social Media

Of course, the best solution to problems like these is prevention. Here are some tips to consider to avoid getting blackmailed.

1. Never Share Any Intimate Photos or Videos Online

In most cases, victims are blackmailed using their intimate photos on videos. Not posting, sharing, or sending personal photos online is an excellent way to avoid being blackmailed. You should also try to stay private online, as well.

2. Keep Your Account and Devices Secure

First, always change your password regularly and ensure the password is strong. That said, turn on 2FA on Instagram as well. This will be your first line of action against getting hacked and having your private information leaked. This should apply to all your online accounts, not just on Instagram.

As for the devices you use, ensure they’re always within your sight, and never let anyone you don’t trust touch them. Keep the device password protected as well so that people won’t be able to access it in case you lose the device. If you are a heavy social media user, consider managing your Instagram notifications as well to cut down on clutter.

3. Avoid Public Connections

Public Wi-Fi connections seem convenient, but they can be dangerous for you and your cyber security. It’s easy for hackers to get into devices connected to public Wi-Fi. Invest in your own data or a mobile hotspot instead. Set up a VPN on your iPhone for additional security when using public internet. 

Seek Help Immediately

Blackmailing is a serious matter that the law should handle. Aside from protecting yourself via the security features that Instagram provides, ensure you get assistance from legal experts and your local police department if you get blackmailed on any platform. Aside from Instagram, you should check out these tips to prevent your Facebook account from getting hacked.

Q. How will I know if Instagram took action on my report?

A. Open Instagram and head to your profile. Select Settings and privacy, then More info and support. Tap Help, then Support Request, and then Reports. Keep in mind that not all reports you make are available here.

Q. How do I deactivate on Instagram?

A. Open Instagram and head to your profile. Select Settings and privacy, head to Account, and then Delete account. Tap Deactivate account and confirm. This will temporarily keep your account out of Instagram until you reactivate it again. To reactivate, log in.

Q. Does Instagram share details of other users for legal purposes?

A. Yes, it does. However, it will not disclose those details to you directly. Instagram will instead coordinate with the authorities to disclose the information as discreetly as possible.

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