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How To Screen Capture On LG V20 (Screenshot Trick)

How To Screen Capture On LG V20 (Screenshot Trick)

Taking a screen capture on the LG V20 is similar to past LG V20 smartphones for those that want to know how to screen capture on LG V20. The screen capture saves the image currently displayed on the LG V20. For this reason, the screenshot is sometimes called screen printing or hard copy.  But in case you have forgotten on how screen capture on a LG V20 smartphone, the following will explain two different ways that you can take a screen capture on a LG V20.



How to take a screen capture on LG V20:

Taking a screen capture on LG V20 is very easy and simple to learn. All you need to do is press and hold the smartphone’s power button and home button at the same time until you hear a shutter noise to take a LG V20 screen shot. After you have taken the screen shot, there will be a drop-down notification allowing you to gain access to your LG V20 screen capture.


Take a screenshot on the LG V20 by swiping the screen

Another method to take a screen capture on LG V20 is by swiping the screenThis gesture must however be enabled in AndroidTo enable the feature on the LG V20, you must navigate to the settings of your smartphone. In the settings, please tap Motions and gestures” and then on “Palm swipe to capture“. Activate the function by activating the controller.

You now have learned two different ways to create a screen capture on the LG V20. This handy feature you willneed certainly more often on your LG V20.



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