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How to Fix No Service Error on LG V20

How to Fix No Service Error on LG V20

Sometimes you may get an error on your LG V20 that says something like “No Service”. This can happen if you have forgotten to pay your bill, of course, but if you have paid and should have service, there are a number of different causes for receiving this error.

Issues Causing LG V20 No Service Error

There are basically three reasons that your LG V20 might get a No Service error.

The first reason is that the radio in your smartphone may have turned itself off. This happens occasionally when there are issues with the WiFi or GPS components of your phone.

The second reason is that your SIM card may have an issue.

The third reason is that your IMEI may have an issue.

I will show you how to fix each of these possible causes.

How to Fix LG V20 Radio Turned Off

  1. Go to the dial pad.
  2. Type in “*#*#4636#*#*” NOTE: There is no need to press the send button, this will automatically bring up the option to enter Service mode.
  3. Enter Service mode.
  4. Select on “Device information” or “Phone information”.
  5. Select Run Ping test.
  6. Click on the Turn Radio Off button and then your V20 will restart.
  7. Select reboot.

How to Change Your SIM Card

The SIM card can also be an issue causing the “No Service” message. Check to see if the SIM card is inserted correctly. If it isn’t, reseat it. Alternatively, replace the SIM card with a new one or another SIM card that you know works.

How to Fix IMEI Issues

To fix IMEI issues, read this article on how to restore your IMEI number.

These three fixes should take care of whatever No Service error you may receive.

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