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How To Solve White Screen Problem In Messages App On Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus

How To Solve White Screen Problem In Messages App On Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus

Some of Samsung Galaxy S8 users have periodically reported a white screen problem in the messaging app. This is just a simple error especially given that simple cache clearing of the messaging app helps to fix the bug. There are two possible explanations for needing to fix the white screen bug that keeps appearing when trying to use the messaging app on your Galaxy S8;

  • The problem is frustrating since that is not how you expect your Samsung Galaxy S8 apps to function
  • Performing factory reset is inevitable if app cache clearing proves unsuccessful.


Hold on a moment, let us first clarify that the problem you are facing is exactly the same one we are handling right now.

Let us consider a case in point when you are chatting via the messaging app. As you try to send an emoticon, the device displays a white screen which bars you from seeing any other chat details. It also becomes impossible to see type messages thereafter.

You may restart the messaging app only to realize that the problem is still existent. If this happens, the best solution would be to proceed as mentioned with the solution. This can help bring parity to the issue at hand and prevent any subsequent chat interruptions.


Clearing Apps Data and App Cache

  1. From the device home screen, access the app menu
  2. Tap on settings and go to Backup & Reset
  3. Proceed by tapping on Factory Data Reset
  4. Then Reset Device
  5. With the lock screen activated, input your PIN for the password.
  6. Tap on the Continue option
  7. Now tap to Delete All then confirm this action.


Factory Reset

Factory reset is delicate and equally complex. The complexity is brought about the fact that you must access the Android Recovery Mode. The delicateness is due to the fact that you stand to lose all data and settings on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. You must therefore create a very solid data backup to avoid such an eventuality.

With this guide learn how to complete a factory reset bearing in mind all the preliminary process of all data backup including photos, videos and contacts. Follow the steps systematically, since without data backup you will lose all the important data stored on your device.


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