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How To Use Flash Player On Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus

How To Use Flash Player On Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus

Sometimes ago, the Adobe Flash was nowhere to be seen on Android devices on the pretext that it would help to secure and improve the browsing experience on the these devices. Most users moved along with the trend especially when at a time when Flash plugins were steadily diminishing in demand. Nevertheless, some users still do miss the Flash plugins. If you would like to enjoy the Flash player on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, there is a way to do so.
For those who didn’t know, several web browsers which are developed for Android devices, include the inbuilt support for the Flash Player. Such browsers include Dolphin, Mozilla and Puffin among others. With the inbuilt Flash Player support, these players will allow you to play Flash Videos and SWF games.
Given the many fan things you can do with the Flash Player, you will be interested in trying out the Dolphin browser. The Dolphin, besides supporting the Flash Player, it does also support superfast loading speeds, sidebars, tab bars, HTML5 video player and incognito browsing among others.
Before you get onto trying this amazing browser, you need to enable third-party APKs. To enable third party APKs, access, the General Settings and tap on Security. Check for Unknown Sources.
Install Flash Player on Galaxy S8

  1. Install flash supporting browser- for the Dolphin browser, go to the Google Play Store and search for the browser. Alternatively, look for the browser in this link;
  2. Download and install the Dolphin browser then launch it.
  3. Go straight to the Settings
  4. Identify the Flash Player
  5. Tap on the Flash Player and set Always On
  6. Exit the settings and browser for a webpage that requires Flash Player.
  7. Since the page will try using Flash, you will have to download the dedicated Adobe Flash APK.
  8. And because the option to Install from Unknown sources is already checked it should be possible for you to install the Adobe Flash APK.
  9. Thereafter, your Dolphin Browser play the page with all its flash.

Considering all these, your Samsung Galaxy S8 is fully equipped to play Flash in the web browser once again.

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