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How to Watch Old Twitch Streams

How to Watch Old Twitch Streams

Do you want to revisit old Twitch streams? Maybe you missed out on a broadcast that was already over by the time you were free. Another reason could be the urge to rewatch old streams and enjoy the moments. This article will show you the different methods to watch old Twitch streams and how to download them for offline viewing.

How to Watch Old Twitch Streams

1. Channel’s Videos tab

By default, Twitch saves streaming videos as VOD or video-on-demand for a week. After seven days, the videos are deleted. However, Twitch Turbo users, Prime users, and Twitch Partners enjoy 60-day storage of past broadcasts.

If the video is still available, the easiest way to revisit old streams on Twitch is to go to the Videos tab on that particular channel.

  1. Go to the Twitch channel whose past streams you want to see.
  2. Select the Videos tab.
  3. Find the Recent Broadcasts section.
  4. Here, you will discover a list of recent broadcasts.
  5. Alternatively, you can click on the box next to Filter By and choose Past Broadcasts.
    Watch Old Videos on Twitch
  6. Select the stream you want to see and click on it.

If you are a Twitch Streamer and can’t view your previous broadcast listed in your channel, go to Stream Settings > Creator Dashboard > Settings > Stream. Under the VOD Settings section, toggle the slider next to Store past broadcasts to enable or disable archiving.

You should also follow our guide on how to save your Twitch streams to save your streaming sessions. 

2. Twitch Clips

Another way to watch past Twitch streams is to use the Clips section. They are generally shortened versions or highlights of the actual broadcast. So, while you might not get to view the entire video, you can see the best parts from it.

  1. Go to the channel whose past streams you want to see.
  2. Navigate to the Videos tab.
  3. Click on Filter. From the dropdown menu, choose Clips.
  4. In the right section, you will see the clips. These are categorized based on the time of its clipping.
    Watch Clips on Twitch

3. Check YouTube or Other Streaming Channels

Often, streamers post or upload their favorite Twitch broadcasts or clips on various social media platforms. You can find Twitch videos on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, etc.

The best way to locate a particular broadcast is to search using the streamer’s username. You can even use stream-related keywords to find the video you want.

Sometimes, you might fail to locate the content you want on Twitch. In that case, the next best solution is to search YouTube. Streamers might upload the videos on their official YouTube channel, so always check the official channel of your favorite YouTuber. You might just find the stream you are looking for there.

4. Download Twitch Streams

What if you want to save the Twitch stream for offline viewing before it is deleted from the channel? Thankfully, there are third-party tools that allow you to download Twitch streams. One is Twitch Leecher, an open-source application that lets you search for the stream you want by the Channel Name, URL, or ID.

Twitch Leacher

Another tool that allows users to download Twitch broadcasts is TwitchTracker. It is a well-known website that archives streams, making it an absolute favorite of Twitch broadcasters.

Twitch Tracker Videos

For example, go to the Riot Games link and then choose the date of the stream. A small video pop-up will appear. If you click on it, it will start streaming. 

These tools might also help you find old broadcasts from deleted or deactivated Twitch accounts.

Save Your Broadcasts

As a Twitch streamer, especially if you are catering to a large community, it makes sense to download the broadcast and upload it on other streaming services. You can also find ways to stream directly to YouTube, making it easy to create a copy there. Also, there are alternatives to Twitch that you might want to consider. 


Q: Can I stream privately on Twitch?

A: Twitch doesn’t allow private streaming. However, you can trick the system by setting up the account in such a way that it doesn’t show up in the results. Use a random number for the account, stream with titles that do not make sense, or you can set up an affiliate or partner with Twitch.

Q: Should I stream on Twitch or YouTube?

A: If you are new to broadcasting, explore Twitch, as it is best suited for live streaming. On top of this, Twitch also has a large community that brings you the audience you want for your channel. However, if you’re going to create different types of content that will garner views, choose YouTube.

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