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Hulu Plus Vs Netflix

Hulu Plus Vs Netflix

Hulu Plus vs Netflix comparison chart is a question many want to see before subscribing to these online streaming networks. There are several factors when comparing Hulu Plus vs Netflix, this includes original content, quality of shows, price and many more factors that we’ll be comparing. This Netflix vs Hulu Plus review will provide a detailed guide to help select which service to use when making a decision.


New Content

The strength of Hulu when looking at Hulu Plus vs Netflix tv shows is that Hulu is much better at showing recent shows after there released. Hulu has a lot less of a delay compared to Netflix with showing recently released shows. This means if your wanting to watch the most recent shows that are airing on TV, than Hulu Plus is your best choice. Another great thing about Hulu is that is a great tool to use when wanting to a find a new show since it we’ll provide with links to companies that you can watch the show from if it’s not available on Hulu Plus.



User Interface

With the recent software upgrade on Netflix software, the new user interface is very impressive. – depending on the device with which you chose to connect to the service, that is. But Netflix has made the user interface much easier across all devices, adding easier search functionality, more engaging and accurate content info for shows and movies, and a slick new design with an intuitive carousel. The update originally launched on newer HDTVs, gaming consoles, Rokus, and Blu-ray players, and has since made its way to other devices including most laptops and desktop computers.

Original Content

In the last two years Netflix has invested a lot of money creating original content shows. With shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, American Horror Story and others; Netflix is now the original content king for Netflix vs Hulu TV show comparison. Netflix has recently won an Emmy for the House of Cards and that momentum has carried over in spending $200 million for rights of several shows from Marvel universe.


Audio / Video Quality

Netflix offers the ability to stream shows using “Super HD” 1080p streams, also with 3D streams for subscribers with 3D capable televisions.  The only negative is that your 1080p streaming is dependent on the speed of your Internet connection and can also be affected by the provider itself. Also besides 1080p, Netflix has begun quietly rolling out its proposed 4K/UHD resolution streams, beginning with episodes of its original series House of Cards.

Netflix offers Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound encoding on most of its content in addition to 7.1 encoding on select content. By comparison, to Hulu Plus is limited to stereo sound, despite many network television shows offering 5.1 surround sound during the original broadcast and the Blu-ray disc release.


Both Netflix and Hulu Plus allow for unlimited access to all of their content for $7.99 per month. With Hulu, you can access their free streaming content without an account, but you will need to watch commercials that pop up in the shows that you watch. While Netflix does not allow for you to watch any of their content for free. One thing about Netflix is that it limits the number of computers that you can use the service with and you want to increase the amount of users, Netflix has a $12.99 per month family plans.

Overall, depending on if you like new content, or great user interface, both Netflix and Hulu Plus are great options to use when streaming online shows.

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