How to Get In-Car WiFi

Internet connection, once a scarce and expensive thing, has now become an everyday utility. In fact, we’re so used to being online that we actively have to remind ourselves how to exist offline. For those who even remember!

But, for the most part, we’re still looking for new, improved, and cheaper ways to have a constant and strong wireless connection. And if we consider all the time we spend in our cars on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that in-car Wi-Fi options are available. So, it all depends on what you’re looking for, and more importantly, how much you’re willing to spend in order to secure a good in-car Wi-Fi.

Smartphone Hotspot

It sounds pretty self-explanatory and it’s probably an option most of us have used from time to time, for whatever purpose. If you own a smartphone, you’re able to turn it into an in-car Wi-Fi. This is also the cheapest way to have an internet connection in your car, but it does come with some cost. It seems obvious, but in case you don’t actually own a smartphone, you’d have to buy one. That’s an expense, but one that you might’ve been thinking about anyway. Then all you have to do is go to your phone settings and turn on the Wi-Fi Hotspot.

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This type of in-car Wi-Fi depends on your data plan. For example, if you’re driving with your family and everyone is using their devices, whether social media apps or streaming videos, you’ll probably run out of precious megabytes pretty quickly. It does depend on how much data you have at your disposal, and you can always purchase more via your provider. For the most part, however, it’s better to stick to emails, text messaging apps, and some browsing if this is the route you want to take.

Dedicated Mobile Hotspot

The smartphone hotspot is a super simple solution for the in-car Wi-Fi, especially if you weren’t planning ahead and needed the connection right away. But you might be wondering how to get in-car Wi-Fi without draining your smartphone’s battery completely. The hotspot your phone provides you with will put a strain on its battery. Before you know it, you’re out of data and you’re out of battery. The solution for that issue is a dedicated mobile hotspot.

These devices are usually very small and ultra-portable. A lot of people carry them around in their pockets and purses to avoid looking for a decent Wi-Fi signal. And they’re especially handy during long drives in the car. The battery life of a mobile hotspot is way better than what your smartphone can offer. But it also relieves the phone of that duty. In most ways, a dedicated mobile hotspot does all the same things as your smartphone hotspot, but as a separate entity sold by providers, they often come with a better and cheaper data plan.

Wireless Modem in Your Car

Maybe you’re not too worried about the cost, and it’s not just a matter of portability, but rather specifically having stable wireless in your car, and nowhere else for that matter. You travel a lot, and you need to be available online without that turning into a problem. Therefore, permanently installing a wireless modem in your car seems like the best option. The downside of this idea, as mentioned, is that it’s pretty expensive. That said, there are other perks too. The stronger signal will make streaming music and radio run smoother, and it will also feel like the in-house modem because of the Ethernet connectivity option, as well as USB.


Wi-Fi Enabled Cars

In case you’d rather not go to any of the do-it-yourself versions of having Wi-Fi in your car, you can always just buy a car with built-in Wi-Fi. It’s that simple. Of course, if you’re looking for a car upgrade anyway, this is a feature you might want to consider. Almost every major car manufacturer has new car models with built-in Wi-Fi. Having it there, to begin with, makes for one less thing to worry about in advance. So, the ultimate how to get in-car Wi-Fi solution is going for new wheels that simultaneously offers a permanent online zone.

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Always Online

It’s good to know that even if you can’t decide the best way to turn your car into a portable router, you always have a solution in case you need it. Having a smartphone means having the hotspot when you’re in a pinch. You can always go for more sophisticated solutions, and even decide that getting a Wi-Fi enabled car is worth the expense. Whatever the case may be, there are a number of ways you can go about it as we like to be able to curate our own lives.

Let us know which option you would prefer for your in-car Wi-Fi solution in the comments section below.

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