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Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts Every User Should Know

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts Every User Should Know

If you’re over using your phone or tablet as a remote for Kodi then you’re not alone. The very capable media center has a bunch of keyboard shortcuts you can use to do pretty much anything with the platform. There are lots to choose from but here are some of the Kodi keyboard shortcuts every user should know.

Depending on how you use Kodi, you can used any kind of keyboard. You can use a wired, wireless or Bluetooth version and the end result will be the same. Full control over Kodi without needing your phone. As you can use Kodi on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Raspberry pi, Xbox and a ton of other devices, you just need to use the keyboard suitable for the device you have.

Keyboard shortcuts are a bit like using the Windows command line. You can easily use the mouse and GUI to get things done but not everyone likes that. The command line isn’t as pretty or as interactive but it is fast and once you get used to it, becomes second nature. Kodi keyboard shortcuts are the same. Sure a phone or tablet can act as a remote, but if you have a keyboard you can get things done faster with a couple keystrokes.

Kodi keyboard shortcuts

There are lots of Kodi keyboard shortcuts that prove useful and these are just a few. You can also customize them should you wish to.

  1. A – Audio delay control
  2. B – Record Live TV
  3. C – Open playlist
  4. D – Move Item Down
  5. E – Open the guide (EPG)
  6. F – Fast forward
  7. H – Live TV channel window
  8. I – TV show information
  9. J — Live radio channels window
  10. K — Live TV recordings window
  11. L- Skip to next subtitle
  12. M – Menu
  13. O = Codec information
  14. P – Play
  15. R – Rewind
  16. S – Power Menu
  17. T – Toggle subtitles on or off
  18. U – Move menu item up
  19. V – Teletext where available
  20. W – Mark media as watched or unwatched
  21. X – Stop
  22. Y – Select media player if available
  23. Z – Zoom
  24. \ – Switch between full screen and windowed mode
  25. – Previous page or menu
  26. S – Shutdown Kodi
  27. Ctrl + S – Screenshot
  28. + – Volume up
  29. – – Volume down
  30. 1-9 zoom into screenshots incrementally
  31. Spacebar – Pause playback
  32. Left arrow – Rewind step backward
  33. Right arrow – Step forward
  34. Up arrow – Jump forward 10 minutes or to next chapter
  35. Down arrow – Jump backwards 10 minutes or previous chapter
  36. Page up – Skip to next chapter
  37. Page Down – Skip to previous chapter
  38. F8 – Mute playback
  39. Tab – Full screen playback
  40. 0 – Switch between the last two live TV channels (zero key)

There are lots more keyboard shortcuts to Kodi. A full list of them can be found here on the Kodi Wiki.

Configuring Kodi keyboard shortcuts

For the vast majority of us, the standard keyboard shortcuts should be perfectly acceptable. If you are one of those who love to customize things to your exact liking, you will be pleased to know that there is a keyboard editor add-on that will allow you to do just that.

Kodi doesn’t have the ability to edit shortcut keys so we need to use an add-on app to do it. I and others I know have tested Keymap Editor and it works on all versions of Kodi that we know of.

  1. Navigate to Add-ons within Kodi and select Install from repository.
  2. Select Kodi Add-on repository, Program add-ons and Keymap Editor.
  3. Select Install.
  4. Select Add-ons and Keymap Editor.
  5. Select Edit to bring up a window that will allow you to customize any shortcut.
  6. Select a category and select the shortcut key
  7. Select Edit and assign a new key.
  8. Select Save once done.

This will install the Keymap Editor onto your Kodi as it doesn’t have one as standard. Navigate to Add-ons and select Keymap editor to open the app. You can select shortcuts from categories and modify them as you see fit. Once edited, you will need to go back to the top level of Keymap editor to access the Save feature. Make sure to select Save before leaving the app otherwise the changes will not take.

Using Kodi keyboard shortcuts is something you will either love or hate and that’s fine. At least now if you want to try it you can give it a go. If you’re the command line type or find the mobile remote annoying, try it. If you’re content with how things are, you don’t have to. either way, Kodi is still one of the best media center experiences around.

Have you switched to Kodi keyboard shortcuts recently? Love it? Hate it? Tell us about it below!

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