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LG V30: How To Block Calls And Texts

LG V30: How To Block Calls And Texts

Modern technology is making the world a little bit smaller, especially with the internet and state-of-the-art cellular phone devices. With that kind of interactivity, you may not want to deal with a lot of people you don’t like or don’t know. Luckily, the LG V30 can block calls and texts from those kind of people, ensuring that you won’t be bothered by them any time soon.

LG affectionately names its call blocking feature as “rejection”, which is a terminology that can be referenced with the “block” nomenclature. The following instructions will guide you through on how you can block calls on the LG V30.

How To Block Calls From The Auto-Reject List

One of the ways to block calls and texts on the LG V30 is by opening to the Phone app and then pressing “More” located at the top-right corner and followed by “Settings”. After that, press the second item in the list named “Call rejection”. And finally, press “Auto reject list.”

Now that you are in the Auto reject list, can input any phone number or a contact that you would lick to block on your LG V30. Also, previous contacts that you have blocked can be seen on this list as well, which makes it easy and convenient unblock those people from the rejection list if you so choose.

How To Block Calls From Individual Caller

An additional method you can use to block a particular number or contact on the LG V30 is by accessing the Phone application and then pressing on the Call Log and picking the number you want to block. After that, press “More” located at the top right corner, and then pressing “Add to auto reject list.”

How To Block Calls From All Unknown Callers

If you ever get calls or texts from an unknown number on your LG V30, it is highly recommended to block them by opening the “Auto reject list” on your Phone app and the pressing the option to block calls from “Unknown callers”. What you need to do is press the toggle to ON and presto, you will no longer be pestered by that caller ever again.

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Nov 8, 2017

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