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My Samsung Galaxy S7 Is Tracking My Steps?

My Samsung Galaxy S7 Is Tracking My Steps?

For those that own a Samsung Galaxy S7, you may want to know if your Galaxy S7 is tracking steps that you take. The quick answer to your question if my Galaxy S7 is tracking my steps is YES. Below we’ll explain how to use the pedometer feature that is part of S Health to track your steps. 

What the pedometer app on S health does is help track and reach your goal of daily steps walked. The way that the pedometer works is that it uses a motion sensor that is integrated in the smartphone. the sensor counts the steps without great energy consumption. If you don’t want to use the pedometer and save battery, we’ll explain how to disable the S health pedometer on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

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How to Activate Samsung Galaxy S7 pedometer on lock screen:

  1. Turn on the Galaxy S7
  2. Go to Menu
  3. Select on Settings
  4. Select Lock Screen
  5. Then tap on “Additional Information”
  6. Check the “Pedometer” box


Now the Samsung S7 step counter will be displayed on the lock screen.


How to Activate pedometer on Samsung Galaxy S7 completely:

  1. Turn on the Galaxy S7
  2. Go to the S Health Fitness App
  3. Select on the three horizontal bars to display a navigation bar on the left
  4. Tap here on “Pedometer”
  5. Below the current traveled distance select on remove “Pause” button.


Now the Samsung Galaxy S7 pedometer will count your steps, if you want to disable the pedometer tracking feature, just follow the instructions above and you’ll be able to turn off the step tracking feature on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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Jun 7, 2016

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