OnePlus 5 Texting Issues (Solution)

Are you one of the OnePlus 5 users who has experienced texting issues with your smartphone? Then you came to the right place. One of the most common issue you may have encountered is the inability of your OnePlus 5 to send a text to another handset. Generally, this issue can be branched out into two kinds.

One is that your smartphone is unable to receive any SMS or text messages from a sender who uses an OnePlus smartphone. The other kind of issue in correlation with the main problem is the inability of your OnePlus 5 to send a text message to Apple, Blackberry, or Windows recipients.

These two problems may occur if you’ve been using iMessage on your iPhone then afterward, you transferred the sim card to your OnePlus 5. OnePlus 5 users who have forgotten to deactivate their iMessage before transferring the sim to their OnePlus 5, other iOs device recipients may still able to use iMessage in order to send you an SMS. Recomhub has never failed to help you with all your smartphone woes, and today, we’ll be living to your expectations and teach you how to solve this issue.

Solving OnePlus 5 Texting Issues

  1. Remove the sim card from your OnePlus 5 then put it back on your iPhone
  2. Once done, connect your iPhone to a mobile data connection such as OnePlus 5G or LTE
  3. Go to settings then browse for Message. Afterwards, turn it off
  4. And you’re all set! Now you’ll be able to receive an SMS on your OnePlus 5

Note that if you don’t have the iPhone you previously used for that sim card, you cannot deactivate the iMessage. When that happens, the alternative way is to head to Deregister iMessage page then deactivate the iMessage. Afterwards, head to the undermost part of the menu then choose the option “No longer have your iPhone?”. Underneath this selection, choose your region then input your phone number. Afterwards, press Send code. Type the code in the “enter confirmation code” field then press Submit.

Once done, you can now receive an SMS on your OnePlus 5 from Now you should be able to receive text messages on your OnePlus 5 from Apple, Blackberry, or Windows recipients.

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