Printing from Samsung Galaxy S9

If you have a wireless printer, you can use it to print photos and documents from your Galaxy S9. It is an excellent feature that has you remove the stress of moving files back and forth between your devices. It is indeed a great feature, and the Android software comes with the bases required by the wireless printer.

The Galaxy S9 doesn’t come with the software required to print, so the first thing you have to do is to download the right driver plugin. After installing the plugins, you’ll be able to easily print on your Galaxy S9 to the printer without the need for any additional hardware. Here is the step by step processes you can follow.

We’ll be connecting the Smartphone to an Epson printer; you can also follow the same process to connect your Galaxy S9 to a Lexmark, HP, or any other type of printer models.

  • Turn on you phone
  • Go to you Settings
  • Look for the Connect and Share option, select it
  • Click on the Printing option
  • It will display the option for printers. If you can’t find you printer, add it by selecting the plus option at the bottom
  • This will direct you to the Google Play Store where you can find and select the printer you’d like to install
  • Go to the Printing page in settings
  • To start connecting your Galaxy S9 to the wireless printer that has been switched ON, select the Epson Print Enabler
  • Choose the wireless printer from the available list

After connecting the phone and printer, you’ll be able to pick the options that display from your phone menu when you click the printer settings, and they include:

  • Print Layout
  • Print quality
  • Double sided printing

How to Wirelessly Print Emails

  • Ensure the email you want to print is displayed on your phone screen
  • Select the overflow menu on the top right
  • Select the Print option
  • After this, confirm it by selecting the print option at the bottom the the phone screen

That is all you need to know about the process of printings files from your Samsung Galaxy S9 by connecting it to a wireless printer.

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