Record Gameplay On Samsung Galaxy S9

The gaming on the go ability is one of the most incredible features of the Samsung Galaxy S9. As the latest product of Samsung, the Galaxy S9 proves it is the flagship project with its abundance of features.  Even though the Galaxy S9 is not known for its gaming prowess, the gameplay sessions are better than ever.

It might not necessarily be the most compatible with systems like Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation, but when you are away from home or traveling, the Galaxy S9 can serve as the best gaming Ally,  and not because there are limited options for you.

The processing power of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is momentous as it allows games to run smoother without hitch or glitch. Also, Samsung added the Game Launcher folder where you get to organize all the games on your device in your order of preference.

The Game Launcher features two prominent exclusive settings that ensure users will have uninterrupted gaming sessions by blocking any notifications while playing games.

Before storming the Game Launcher with your trusted old games, you can check the Top Charts section for the most popular games in different genres as they are classified by the number of players, play time and other useful details.

The best partner of the gaming settings on the Galaxy S9 is that you can record gaming sessions. How awesome is that? The Galaxy S9 utilizes the most sophisticated technical configurations to record even the most consuming games.

The device itself keeps battery life in check and makes sure your phone does not heat up more than usual.

You have zero reasons for not recording your game performances and hating with your friends about your gaming prowess.

The Only Four Steps for Activating Record Gameplay on Galaxy S9

  1.   Head to the Settings menu after swiping down the Notification panel
  2.   Scroll down to Advanced Features
  3.   Click on the Games Menu
  4.   Launch your game

While playing the game through the Game Launcher, you will notice a floating button at the top right corner of the screen.  Simply tap it to enable either of the Screenshot or Record Game options.

Gameplay has just got so much better with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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