Recording Slow Motion Videos On LG G6

The latest LG G6 flagship featured one of the best cameras of any smartphone in 2016. With the camera, you could record videos in slow motion on your LG G6. The Slow Motion function on your LG G6 enables you to record rapid motions and then reproduce them slowly in your recording.

This is normally made possible by the rapid uptake of many video images made possible by the high processing power of LG G6.

For those that wish to know how to record videos in slow motion on your LG G6, follow our guidelines below;


Recording videos in slow motion on your LG G6

  1. Switch ON your LG G6
  2. Open the Camera app
  3. Choose the format next to the HDR selection
  4. Choose the resolution for the video and one for the camera


From then on, every video that you record on your LG G6 smartphone will record itself in slow motion. Through the Settings options, you can then set how fast or slow you wish your slow motion to be. You can choose either;

  • X1/2- this slow motion is the slowest
  • X1/4- for medium slow motion
  • X1/8- for the best slow motion


It is therefore advisable that you set your video camera speed to x1/8. This is because this setting will produce the best slow motion effect for your recording.

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