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Which Ring Doorbell Is the Newest? [November 2019]

Which Ring Doorbell Is the Newest? [November 2019]

Since it’s humble beginnings as a business prospect on Shark Tank under the name Doorbot, Ring has managed to gather the support of celebrity investors and also draw some serious interest from tech industry giants.

After its acquisition by Amazon in early 2018, Ring’s value skyrocketed and its services improved to match the new valuation. However, unlike other Amazon smart gadget lineups, Ring doesn’t offer a huge variety of devices.

The Ring Doorbell 3

Even if somewhat hard to verify just yet, the Ring Doorbell 3 has been a hot topic in 2019 ever since it was reported that Ring issued a Federal Communications Commission filing.

Although there was no official acknowledgment from Ring officials or spokespeople following these discoveries, this does beg the question. Could the Ring Doorbell 3 be coming in the near future?

It probably could. But it took a few months for the Ring Doorbell 2 to hit the shelves after the company filed for the patent. So, this means that the best ring doorbell is still the bulky Doorbell 2, given the lack of official comments from the company on the future of the third generation of their smart doorbells and any new technologies they may employ.

However, there is a new addition to the Ring lineup for 2019. And, even though it’s not a major improvement over previous models in terms of specs, it’s leaps ahead in terms of convenience.

The Ring Door View Cam

The Ring Door View Cam was designed for doors with peepholes. It can be installed on any door that’s between 34 and 55m thick, thus allowing homeowners and renters to replace the classic peephole with a 1080p HD camera.

ring doorbel cam amazon

What’s perhaps the biggest improvement over the classic peephole is not the superior video clarity but the audio clarity. With the Ring Door View Cam, or Peephole Cam, muffled conversations through a closed door will become a thing of the past.

Not Theft-Proof? Don’t Worry

Here’s another really cool thing about the new peephole cam. Although there are no guarantees that someone won’t steal it, Ring vouches that any stolen peephole cam will be replaced for free.

That’s something you don’t see every day and it may just compensate for the arguably high price tag of the new camera.

All Standard Features Are Included

Just because this new Ring camera is smaller and looks slightly different, doesn’t mean that it comes as a bare-bones gadget. All the standard features are there. The list includes instant notifications, two-way communication, live monitoring, and Alexa compatibility.

Of course, some features remain optional and you can only get them if you purchase a Ring Protect subscription. This will be required for audio and video recordings, storage, and reviews.

The motion technology is enabled out of the box. You can also configure the camera, zoom, tracking, where the notifications are sent, and adjust many other settings.

ring doorbell cam specs amazon

It’s also possible to customize the privacy settings in the audio section. That way, only specific sounds will trigger notifications. This can be great to filter out cars passing by or next door neighbors opening and closing their apartment doors.

Simple DIY Installation

Because this is not a wired doorbell, the Ring Door View Cam is one of the easiest to install. Some tools will be required, but those come included in the package. Furthermore, since there’s no wiring or drilling needed for a peephole cam installation, virtually anyone can install it.

Is It Worth the Money?

This comes down to personal preference. For users that already own a Ring Doorbell 2, there’s hardly a reason to make the switch. But, given the durability of the new device, whether used inside or outside, and its impressive video and audio quality, it might make a lot of sense for someone who’s pondering buying a smart doorbell for the first time.

Let us know what you think of the new camera and where it fits in the discussion of the best in this niche? Was it about time it hit the shelves or should its development been postponed to hasten the release of third generation smart Ring doorbells instead? Give us your two cents in the comments section below.

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