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What is the Newest Amazon Fire Tablet?

What is the Newest Amazon Fire Tablet?

To Amazon tablet enthusiasts, it may be a bit weird to hear that the Amazon Fire HD 10 is still the newest Amazon Fire tablet. However, the Amazon Fire HD 10 got a considerable update in recent times, making it more responsive and powerful than the original Fire HD 10 that was initially launched.

So, without further ado, here are some of the things that the Fire HD 10 can do and where you can find it.


While it’s not the cheapest Amazon Fire tablet on the market, the price point is perhaps well-deserved. After all, the Fire HD 10 runs on the most powerful chipset in the Fire HD lineup.

fire hd 10

The tablet can be found in US and UK markets. The price differs slightly, depending on how much storage you need. There are only 32GB and 64GB models so far.

Superior Charging Speed

Ever since USB-C charging became a real thing, more and more users have been asking for this feature on their devices. To honor that request, Amazon ditched the traditional charging port in favor of the USB-C port for the Fire HD 10.

This has dramatically improved the charging speed and has given users more overall runtime with their tablet, whether used as a smart display or otherwise.

Longer Battery Life

With new and improved charging, comes improved battery performance too. The new Fire HD 10 has a runtime of about 12 hours, which is around two hours more than what the original HD 10 could muster.

The standby times seem to be more energy efficient in the new model. However, with very little exact information available about the battery size and capacity, Amazon’s claims about the performance should be taken with a grain of salt.

Superior Processing Power

The latest edition of Fire HD 10 features an octa-core processor, a definitive improvement over the original quad-core option.

There are only two gigs of RAM under the hood, but that’s more than enough for most common applications anyway. Keep in mind that the Fire HD 10 isn’t there to compete with gaming tablets.

The Show Mode Feature

One of the coolest things about the Fire HD 10 is the Show Mode feature. When activated, this can turn the tablet into a smart display, similar to the Echo Show series or Google Nest Hub. However, it comes with obviously more functionality.

fire hd on stand

Although some might see the Show Mode feature as just another forced push of Alexa on customers, it is a very nice feature that gives more versatility than there is in previous versions of the Fire HD tablet.

Bland but Sturdy

When it comes to design, there’s nothing special about the latest Fire HD 10. Sure, the tablet comes with some color variations but the matte finish and bulky appearance don’t make it an eye-catching device by any standards.

At least the case doesn’t seem to have a thing for fingerprints and dust buildup.

What is nice is that the bulky design serves a purpose. The new Fire HD 10 seems built like a tank. It feels very sturdy and is somewhat sturdier than its previous iteration, which is always a good thing.

Not the Best Camera

Granted, few people take photos with their tablets, or at least they don’t take important photos with one. But it’s still worth pointing out that the latest Fire HD 10 has a pretty poor camera of just 2MP.

Even great lighting conditions don’t seem to make the Fire HD 10 take better photos. So, don’t buy it for its camera features.

Media Performance

There are two things to consider when discussing media performance: audio and video performance. In terms of audio, the Fire HD 10 doesn’t bring any improvements over the previous model. The sound is pretty much the same and the speakers are likely identical.

Perhaps some improvements are noticeable in certain music genres or movies, but that’s likely due to some internal EQ modifications.

When it comes to video, well, for Amazon Prime members the clarity is quite impressive. With a 10.1” screen, you can binge your favorite shows comfortably, without having to turn on the TV or computer.

However, the ambient lighting will matter. The screen is not glare-free by any means. And it also tends to shine a bit brighter than the previous Fire HD 10. In a way, this is great because now everything is visible.

But at the same time, the colors may appear somewhat colder. This shouldn’t be a problem for most users, but for those that like to get every detail right, it may be a huge turnoff.

So, Who’s the Fire HD 10 Tablet for?

It’s safe to say that if you already have a decent tablet, there’s no need to jump on the Fire HD 10  just yet. Yes, the hardware is more than impressive but, at the end of the day, it’s still not as powerful as most Samsung tablets or Apple iPads.

However, if you’re in the market for your first tablet or a budget-friendly one, the Fire HD 10 can do plenty of things well. If you like the idea of using multiple Alexa-enabled devices, you’ll love this tablet.

What do you think about the decision to re-release the Fire HD 10 instead of coming up with something entirely new? Let us know in the comments below.

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