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Ring Security System Review

Ring Security System Review

Ever since the Ring doorbell took the consumer market by storm, the company has been working hard at expanding its line of professional monitoring products. It came as no surprise that the company even came up with its own smart-home security system.

While it doesn’t offer much in terms of integration with third-party products, or the Ring doorbell for that matter, it’s very user-friendly. The following paragraphs should let you know if Ring designed the system to be useful or just so it can snag a bigger market share by offering a cheaper product.

Components and Design

The Ring security kit comes with a square wireless box that acts as the base station. It is 6.7 by 6.7 inches in size and quite thin. It’s easy to mount on the wall, which is just one of the reasons why Ring is so popular in DIY home security circles.

The station comes with Z-Wave antennas. However, you can’t make full use of their compatibility with third-party devices. You also get a very loud 104dB siren. And, in the event that there is a power outage, the battery backup will last for about 24 hours.

The keypad is simple to use and also easy to mount on a wall. The keypad is 5.9×3.9×0.9 inches in size and features backlit buttons. Aside from the usual number buttons and action buttons, you also have three extra buttons arranged in a circle. They can be used to arm or disarm the system quickly.

Although it’s easy to keep the keypad clean, some people do prefer rubberized remote keypads.


The Ring security system is pretty standard in terms of sensors. It has an infrared motion sensor and an entry sensor which you can place at a door or window. Obviously, the system allows you to attach more sensors if you want to beef up the security.

While it is a basic package, at least the installation is easy. The sensors come with mounting hardware and sticky tape. However, they are physically larger than what you may see in other home security kits.

At first glance, it may look like the Ring system won’t have enough coverage for a larger home. Luckily, this is solved by the Z-Wave extender plugs. You can place those at the back of the house or in other remote areas to ensure that there’s no delay between the base station and the Ring motion and entry sensors.


Ring’s security system lets you choose between three modes.

  1. Home and armed

  2. Away and armed

  3. Unarmed

You can switch between them by using either the app or the keypad. In the app, you can also browse through the log history and check recorded videos. Another cool feature is that you can force bypass the entry sensors with the app, even if you had left some windows or doors open.

However, unlike other security systems, Ring’s kit doesn’t have a geofencing ability. This means that the system won’t arm on its own just because you leave the house. Still, it’s just a minor inconvenience given the excellent price tag.


What the Ring system lacks in accessories and software features it makes up for in pricing. The base kit is among the cheapest on the market. The additional sensors and the professional monitoring services are also very affordable.

If you’re looking for a home security system that’s easy on the eyes, simple to install, and doesn’t break the bank, Ring might just have you covered. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to connect it to smart-home devices such as Amazon or Google’s personal assistant.

What Can You Add?

Although the security kit is basic, Ring does have plenty of other products which can help you enhance your home security inside and out. The Ring Floodlight Cam makes a great addition whether you want real-time viewing only or professional monitoring.

While these outdoor cameras don’t require close proximity to the base station to work, they do need a strong Wi-Fi connection which means you may need to add an extra router to your home. At least if you plan on installing the cameras far from the house.

A Final Thought

Home security systems don’t really get any easier than this one in terms of installation and ease of use. The keypad is user-friendly, the app is user-friendly, and all the accessories needed for a quick hookup are part of the kit.

You can use this system with or without a subscription, though this is the case with other home security systems too. However, there’s an impressive variety of Ring products that you can connect to it and beef up the security in and around the house.

The bottom line is that while Ring’s security kit may not be perfect, it is the most affordable one on the market that actually works well. This alone should make plenty of people pull the trigger on a purchase.

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