Samsung Galaxy S9 Shield Icon – Meaning

It’s possible that you have noticed a new icon on the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S9. The icon looks like a protective shield, and maybe you are wondering how it got there.

There is no need to worry because it’s just your Samsung Galaxy S9 notifying you that you need to update the security guidelines for your device.

There are some users of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 that have been worried about the meaning of the shield icon that appears on their device. Sometimes the protective shield icon will appear and then disappear again after a while. If you will like to know the work of the protective shield icon, I will explain in this article.

How to Update the Security Guidelines on Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Use your finger to drag down the status bar to view the notification fully
  2. Touch the protection shield icon, and you will need to wait for the security guidelines to update automatically

That’s all you need to do. Also, if you have set your Samsung Galaxy S9 to automatically update whenever there is a new security update, the protective icon might as well show just to notify you that your device just went through an update.

In this case, you just need to clear the notification symbol.

What this simply means is that anytime you see this protective shield icon on your Samsung Galaxy S9, all the apps and the firmware on your device will be inspected to be sure that they are running the latest security standard that your Samsung Galaxy S9 needs to function safely.

This is to make sure that your apps are behaving well. There is no rogue app that can affect the overall performance of your device.

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