How To Schedule The Auto Restart Feature On Galaxy S9 And S9 Plus

There are many users who have had troubles with their smartphones and you may notice that several troubleshooting guides would suggest that restarting your device is one of the most likely quick fixes.

Restarting Your Galaxy S9 Or S9 Plus Regularly

You may be wondering by now why restarting your smartphone help to fix so many problems?

  • A simple restart will be able to free up RAM on your phone 
  • Restarting may also improve the performance of your device 
  • The procedure to restart your phone gets rid of the glitches which may be present when operating some apps or the Operating System itself.

Restarting your device can be a magical solution when you are in a lousy situation. But in reality, a Restart can also be much more useful even when your smartphone seems to be working in good condition.
It would be advisable to restart your Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus on a regular basis as a preventive measure.

Auto Restart Feature On Samsung Galaxy S9 Or S9 Plus

Others may think that the way to schedule their smartphones restart would need some kind of calendar but this is not needed with Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus. The Samsung flagship device allows you to use the Auto Restart feature. This was designed for the following reasons:

  • To be able to restart your smartphone automatically at a specific time as per your schedule
  • Sparing you from the force restarts during critical activities because restarting can only be performed when the screen is off
  • To make sure that the resources of your device are not used up at the wrong time, therefore, the restart will be performed only when your device is 30% battery full

The auto-restart setting is hard to find even for those who know their way around their smartphones. It is possible not to be able to find it unless you are planning to factory reset your device.

This Guide Will Show How To Locate And Enable The Auto Restart On Samsung Galaxy S9:

  1. Go to your Home screen
  2. Tap the Apps Menu
  3. Tap on the Settings
  4. Scroll to Backup and Reset
  5. Select on Device Management
  6. Tap on Auto Restart
  7. Choose your scheduled date and time. The defaults are Monday at 3 AM
  8. Turn on this feature and exit the menu

From now on, your Samsung Galaxy S9 will automatically restart at the set date and time. You can change the settings as you prefer. It is ideal to set the auto restart at night. This will ensure that you wake up to a smooth running smartphone ready to use.

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