How To Set Up Easy Mode On Galaxy S9

Samsung’s new flagship phone, the Galaxy S9, is packed with a lot of awesome features. These features are very useful and serve different functions. However, some users may find using the Samsung Galaxy S9 challenging enough, especially for those who are not really adept at using new model smartphones.

Fear not. Galaxy S9 as an Easy mode feature that you can activate. This makes using the device easier.

Setting Up Easy Mode on Galaxy S9

Here are the steps to activate your Easy Mode option:

  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Select “Personalization”
  3. Choose Easy Mode

While in Easy Mode, you can make use of your chosen apps and be able to access them easily. After selecting the apps, you may exit the Settings then your phone is now in Easy Mode.

Some functions that you can access on your phone are the weather, calendar, flashlights, camera, messages, phone and other widgets.

Setting up Apps for Easy Mode

To add or remove apps on the Easy Mode menu, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the menu on the top corner of the main home screen
  2. Another menu will pop up
  3. Select edit this menu and go to the apps which are available on your device
  4. If you choose to replace an app, select it and choose the “-” option. This could help free your space

Once you have set up the easy mode on your device, you can choose to add or rearrange some of the apps.

How to Return to Normal Mode (Exit Easy Mode)

If ever you wanted to bring back Normal Mode, just go to Settings. Here, look for Easy Mode by following the instructions above then change it to Standard mode. Select done, and your Galaxy S9 is back to normal/standard mode.

The Easy Mode is perfect for your older loved ones, who wish to use these devices with ease. It may also be used by the younger audiences, allowing them to avoid the complexity of smartphones such as the Galaxy S9.

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