How to Play Duos in Spellbreak

Spellbreak is a battle royale style game that pits your magical prowess against other players in the community. Normally, you have to survive a round against numerous strangers – most of whom are levels above you.

However, that’s not the only way to play Spellbreak.

Find out how to play in an intimate duo setting, where it’s just you and a friend against another pair in a magical battle.

How to Play Duos in Spellbreak

When Protelariat first launched Spellbreak, it only had two game modes to choose from. You could either go solo or you could play in a squad. Players could see a “Duos” possibility in the choices, but they weren’t able to choose those options – until now.

Spellbreak’s Duo mode is now available for anyone who wants to battle in the intimacy of a 2×2 setting. Follow these steps to start playing in Duo mode:

  • Start the Game and enter the game lobby under the Play tab
  • Select the Game Mode button located on the lower left side of the screen
  • Click on the first Battle Royale image to open the drop menu
  • Select Duo
  • Click on the Back button
spellbreak how to play duos - game mode duo

After following these steps, the lower-left corner should have “Duo” written under Game Mode. It’s here in the game lobby that you can invite friends to participate in your match.

Select the placeholder next to your character to open the Friends menu. This menu allows you to add or invite friends to your match. You can also view friend invitations and blocks in this menu.

If you don’t see the add friend icon next to your character, go to the Party button on the lower left side under Game Mode. Press on the question mark icon to make the “add a friend” icon appear in the lobby.

You can also get to this same Friends menu by selecting the Friends tab at the top of the screen.

So, what if you don’t have a friend to play with?

Soloing the battle royale is always an option. Or you can use the practice mode solo to get acquainted with the controls.

What if you want something a little different than the typical survival rounds?

Try playing in Clash mode. This is a 9×9 match to get the highest score. Unlike battle royale mode, you do respawn if you’re defeated in this mode.

spellbreak how to play duos - game mode

Additional FAQ

How Many Players Can You Play in Spellbreak?

According to the Official Spellbreak Wiki, each game lobby can hold a maximum of 42 players.

Is Spellbreak Solo Locked?

No, solo play on Spellbreak is not locked. However, since it is a multi-player game, the only way you’ll get the entire game to yourself is in Practice or Tutorial mode. Unless you add friends for Battle Royale mode, the default selection for players is solo.

How Do You Get Duo Matches in Spellbreak?

If you want to play in Duo matches in Spellbreak, you just need to make a slight adjustment to your game mode and invite a friend. Check out these steps for the specifics:

• Click on the Game Mode button while in the game lobby

• Select the Battle Royale button

• Click on Duos in the drop-down menu

• Back out of the Game Mode menu to the lobby

• Add a friend to play the match with you

What Is Spellbreak Solo Mode?

True solo game modes where you’re by yourself on the map only occur on two modes: Practice and Tutorial. You can solo the battle royale too. That just means that it’s you against everybody else on the map, other solos and squads included.

How Do You Unlock Duos in Spellbreak?

Duos game mode is unlocked and ready to play in Spellbreak.

Why Can’t I Play Duos in Spellbreak?

Spellbreak locked Duos mode when the game re-launched. According to its developers, this was due to some technical issues. They also wanted to see if their servers could handle the influx of new players, but they’ve since unlocked it in Battle Royale for all players.

Why Is Solos Locked in Spellbreak?

You can play as a solo in Battle Royal mode and both the Practice and Tutorial areas.

Why Is Duos Locked in Spellbreak?

It was locked at first because the developers wanted to make sure the game, and its servers, were stable enough to handle regular battle royale mode. It’s since been unlocked for all players.

It’s Time to Pair Up in Spellbreak

Grab a friend and pick your strongest class because it’s Duos time in Spellbreak.

With this new mode, players have the option of pairing up with a friend instead of going solo or finding a squad to join. And of course, playing Duos can unlock some awesome magical combos that are unavailable when you play by yourself. So, don’t forget to collaborate to find the most explosive combination.

Which game mode do you prefer playing in Spellbreak? Let us know in the comments section below.

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