You Can Now Play Super Mario 64 in a Web Browser… Sort Of

Posted by Jim Tanous on March 28, 2015
super mario 64 hd unity remake

Video game fans have long been able to relive the 1996 classic Super Mario 64 on their computers via a number of legally gray emulators. Now one intrepid young developer is offering fans a full HD remake of the game, powered by the versatile Unity engine.

Super Mario 64 HD is a Unity-based remake of the original Nintendo 64 game’s first level, Bob-omb Battlefield, complete with Goombas, coins, and original music and sound effects. Some things are missing, however, such as the giant Chain Chomp, but fans of a certain age will instantly feel a rush of nostalgia upon launching the game.

The best part? Thanks to the robust Unity engine, gamers can play the game right inside their Web browser with the requisite plugin, although full downloads are also available for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Super Mario 64 HD is the creation of Erik Roystan Ross, a developer who recently worked for Microsoft Studios subsidiary BigPark Studios. The game is meant to be a demonstration of Ross’s Super Character Controller project. Ross only created the game to serve as a fun example, and doesn’t plan to recreate additional Super Mario 64 levels or add new features at this time, but perhaps his project will inspire others to expand the library of revisited Nintendo 64 classics.

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