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How to Switch Back to Personal Instagram Account

How to Switch Back to Personal Instagram Account
How to Switch Back to a Personal Account on Instagram

Instagram has plenty of convenient features for those who use the platform for business purposes. You can easily track engagement rate and other analytics and have your followers support you with the small business tag in their stories.

But what if you no longer want to use your Instagram account for business? What if you no longer need the analytics and want to switch to a personal profile? Well, it’s pretty simple – follow the instructions outlined in this article.

How to Change Your Instagram Account Type

Instagram has three types of accounts: Personal, Creator, and Business. If you currently have a Creator or Business profile, here’s how to switch back to a personal account:

  1. Launch Instagram on your mobile device.
  2. Tap your profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. Press the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the screen to access the menu bar. You can also swipe left to open the menu. 
  4. Select Settings and privacy from the list.
    Instagram account Settings and privacy option
  5. Tap the Creator tools and controls option under the For professionals section. 
    Instagram account Creator tools and controls option
  6. Select the Switch account type option from the list. 
    Instagram Switch account type
  7. Tap the Switch to personal account option. 
    Instagram Switch to personal account
  8. Hit the red Switch to personal account button to confirm your decision. 
    Instagram Switch to personal account red button

Before switching back to a personal account, be sure you really want to do it. You’ll lose all the convenient options that help you grow your Instagram business and track your growth. Also, all the previous insights will be deleted, and you won’t be able to retrieve them, even if you switch back to a professional account again.

If you are tired of receiving too many notifications on your Instagram Business profile, learn how to manage your Instagram notifications in a better way.

What Do You Get by Switching to a Personal Account?

Unlike creator and business accounts on Instagram, you can lock your profile and only allow selected users to see the content. So, the best thing you get by switching to a personal account is privacy. You control who will follow you by allowing or blocking someone’s follow request.

If you want to make your Instagram profile private, here’s what to do:

  1. Open Instagram and tap your profile icon to open your profile.
  2. Tap on the hamburger icon or swipe left to open the main menu.
  3. Tap the Settings and privacy option from the menu.
    Instagram account Settings and privacy option
  4. Select the Account privacy option under the Who can see your content section.  
    Instagram Account privacy option
  5. Enable the Private account toggle
  6. Press the Switch to Private button. 
    Instagram Account Switch to Private button

You can follow the same steps to make it public again.

Aren’t Creator and Business Accounts the Same?

So, what’s the difference between the Creator and Business accounts?

They have the same options listed in the Creator or Business section within settings, but they’re not the same. Below are some key differences. Knowing these facts might help you decide whether to change your profile to either Creator or Business.

Instagram Creator and Business account

Creator profiles are a bit more humanized than business ones. Many influencers use this profile type because it gives them more options than a personal account, such as insights. Plus, they don’t need to have a business. 

Creator accounts can see follows and unfollows for a particular day and go through their daily posts to track growth more efficiently. When switching to the Creator account, you can choose a category you belong to. 

These categories are now more specific, and you can categorize yourself as a blogger, author, chef, coach, video creator, and more. You can show this category to your followers if you want to – it’s pretty convenient because new people on your profile will immediately know what you do. It’s the best option to make money from Instagram reels

If you opt for a business profile, you’ll see that, for instance, you can check the analytics about your posts and your community. If your account is set to business, your friends can tag you in their stories using the Support Small Business sticker and help you promote your products and services. 

And you can use third-party apps to schedule your posts, so you don’t have to be online at a specific time.

Should You Stay or Should You Switch?

Now that’s all clear, it’s up to you. Our goal was to explain how your Instagram experience will change after switching to a personal account and how you can do it. We also reminded you of what you could gain or lose by using each of the three types of accounts Instagram made available to its users. The rest is entirely your choice.

Among all the options, a private Instagram account is best suited for privacy-minded users, as it’s not possible to view a private Instagram account without following them. 

Are you switching back to a personal account? Why? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Q. Can I switch back to a professional account on Instagram?

A. Yes. If you think keeping your Instagram account personal is doing you no good, you can always switch back to a professional account. To do that, open Instagram and tap on your profile icon. Select the three vertical lines icon and press the Settings and privacy option. 

Account type and tools > Switch to professional account > Continue > Select a category > Done > Select an account type > Next > Done.

Q. How do I turn off professional mode on Instagram?

A. Unfortunately, you can’t turn off professional mode on Instagram if you switch to a professional account type. Instagram doesn’t allow that. However, you can still switch to a personal/private account, but you’ll lose the benefits of having a professional account.

Q. Is business or personal Instagram better?

A. There are several benefits of using a business or creator account on Instagram over a standard personal account. You get access to professional tools like insights and options to promote your products in your stories and run ads, among several other perks. 

However, your account will be public, and you won’t get the privacy features you get with a regular personal Instagram account. You can only make your Instagram account private if it’s a personal account. You can’t make your business Instagram account private.

Q. What’s the difference between an Instagram Creator and a Business account?

A. While they might look similar on the surface, a few key differences exist between an Instagram creator account and a business account. You can promote your products and services, run ads, and schedule posts with a business account, besides having the perks you get from a creator account.

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