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How To Turn ON And OFF Lock Screen Icons On LG V30

How To Turn ON And OFF Lock Screen Icons On LG V30

If you are an LG V30 user, it’s essential to know how to tweak the lock screen icons on your phone. Not only it’ll enable you to customize your LG V30 at your will to make it organized, it’ll also help you delete those unnecessary icons you’ve never used in your lifetime.

The example we’ll be catering below shows how you can enable or disable the weather widget icon that displays the weather of your current location. Of course, not all LG V30 users are a fan of this widget and tend to think of it as an unnecessary app. For those LG V30 users who want to remove this from their lock screen, then keep reading.

Activating or Deactivating Lock Screen Icons on your LG V30

The steps below will enable you to activate or deactivate the weather widget on your LG V30, which of course will also be applicable to all widgets or icons on your phone such as the visual effect features and the clock.

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Head to the Home screen then browse for the Apps page
  3. Once there, click on Settings
  4. Tap on the Lock screen
  5. Choose the Lock screen
  6. Tick or untick the widget you want to be activated. In this case, the weather box
  7. Press the Home button to redirect your LG V30 to standby mode

Enabling this option will display the weather widget on your home screen. If you want to disable this widget, just untick the weather widget box then you’re good to go.

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Dec 11, 2017

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