How to turn off Safe Mode in Android

Posted by Jamie on September 9, 2016

Android Safe Mode is designed to protect your device from corrupt files, an incompatible app or a system malfunction that is erroring and causing system instability. It can also be because of malware or a virus, which should be borne in mind when trying to get your device out of Safe Mode. So how do you turn off Safe Mode in Android?

Safe Mode in Android works just the same as it does for a Windows computer. It restricts your device to running just core files, enough to perform basic functions and nothing else. It is the ideal environment for troubleshooting and for fault finding, which is handy if that is what’s causing your troubles.


Turn off Safe Mode in Android

Before we actually turn off Safe Mode in Android, it makes sense to perform a malware and antivirus scan beforehand. Do that first before we do anything else. Then we will know that the device booted into safe mode either accidentally, because of an incompatible app or file error.

The usual way to get an Android device out of Safe Mode is to reboot it. Just how you do that is up to you.

  1. Check the notification panel for the same mode notification. There should also be the option to reboot from there.
  2. Hold down the power button and select Power off.
  3. Remove the battery if you’re fortunate enough to have a removable one.


What if the phone reboots back into Safe Mode?

This is entirely possible if the issue has yet to be resolved and is something you may have to contend with. Fortunately, it is simple to troubleshoot what is causing the error. Follow one or all of these steps until your device can reboot normally.

Check to see what apps were installed or updated just prior to the Safe Mode situation. Remove the app and reboot your device. You cannot run the app within Safe Mode but uninstall works just fine. Begin with the most recent app and work backwards from there. Remove one app at a time and try the reboot. Stop when your device boots normally. Then either check for a newer version of the app or learn to live without it for now.

If it isn’t an app causing your device to continually boot into Safe Mode, it is likely a corrupt system setting or file. The only viable option here is a factory reset. Be aware though that this wipes all your personal data from the device. It is always the step of last resort but if you cannot get your device out of Safe Mode, it may be your only option.

  1. Navigate to Settings, Backup & Reset and Factory data reset.
  2. Read the confirmation dialog and tap Confirm.
  3. Allow Android to work its magic and your device will eventually reboot, hopefully into normal running mode!

As mentioned, a factory data reset is the step of last resort. Hopefully you will have had Google Sync enabled and have cloud backups of all your data. If you do, Google will automatically download your data when you next connect to a data network.

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