How to Update the Firmware on a Sony TV

Modern devices rely on regular firmware and software updates to remain at their peak performance. Sony TVs are no exceptions here. These firmware and software updates tend to be automatic, but sometimes, you may have to do things manually.

Here’s how to update your Sony TV’s firmware.

Set Automatic Update Checks

As with most modern devices, Sony TVs should have automatic updates turned on. However, for many potential reasons, the automatic updates may be turned off on your TV. What you need to do here is check whether the auto-updates are on.

Keep in mind that on Sony AF9 to ZF9 models, this setting is called Automatically check for update while the other Sony Android TV models refer to this option as Automatic software download.

Here’s how to choose whether the auto-update mode is enabled on your device.

First, go ahead and grab that Sony remote. Depending on the model, the Home button might be located in a different part of your remote. Find it and press it. Of course, your TV needs to be on. From the menu that pops up, select Help.

Now, go to Apps and select Help. This will display the Help screen. If your remote happens to have the Help button on it, you can press it and it will take you to the same menu.

From here, go to System software update. You should be able to see whether the Automatically check for update/Automatic software download option is turned on. If it isn’t, select it and turn it on. If you’d prefer to keep the auto-update mode off, there’s a way to manually update your Sony TV device.

update the firmware on a sony tv

Automatic Updates Won’t Work

If you’re wondering why your auto-updates aren’t happening, despite the fact that you’ve turned them on, it might be because you still haven’t agreed to Sony’s Privacy Policy. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve enabled the auto-updates settings, your device won’t install them automatically if you haven’t agreed to their terms of service.

To check whether you’ve agreed to the privacy policy, navigate to the Help menu and then to Privacy Setting. To accept the Sony Privacy Policy, simply select the Privacy Setting mode and accept the terms.

Performing a Manual Update Check

Even if your auto-update mode is turned on and you’ve agreed to the terms of service, an error or a glitch can stop the firmware/software updates from downloading. To be safe, on the same screen we’re on (System software update), navigate to Check for a system software update/Software update.

Downloading Updates

When you’ve finally set everything up (or decided to go with manual updates), a notification will pop up, pertaining to a firmware/software update. On Sony TVs series AF9 to ZF9, the update notification will appear upon turning on the device. On other Android TV models, a popup will appear, prompting you to do the same thing. Select Update/Update Now (depending on the TV model) to download and install the update.

how to update the firmware on sony tv

Keep in mind that the update will take about 15 minutes. Not to worry, though, you’ll still be able to use your TV normally. And don’t be afraid of turning the device off, either, as the update process will proceed regardless. However, don’t unplug the TV or your Wi-Fi connection.

Using the USB Flash Drive

Although this method isn’t popular, there might be some instances where installing the updates from a USB flash drive can be very useful. To do it, make sure that your drive is formatted in NTFS, exFAT, FAT16, or FAT32. Also, make sure that there’s enough space on it and that you save the update in the file’s root directory.

Go to Sony’s official support website, select your TV model, and download the update to the USB flash drive. You’ll find all the necessary instructions on Sony’s support webpage.

If Nothing Works

If you still can’t update your Sony device, we suggest that you perform a complete factory reset. Go to the Home menu, followed by Settings. Then, navigate to the TV menu and select Storage and Reset. Finally, select Factory data reset. This should fix the problem.

Updating Your Sony TV

Hopefully, this guide has helped you update your Sony TV device. If none of this worked, the only thing that remains is referring to your retailer or contacting Sony’s support channels. They should be able to help you out.

Did you manage to update your firmware and software? What did the trick? Did you encounter any other problems? Feel free to hit the comments section below and tell the community all about it.

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