Use Galaxy S9 As GPS Navigation

Google Maps is an internet-based service that is used to discover the geographical information of any location in the world and is equipped with the unique Google Navigation feature.

This feature is pre-installed for most smartphones but users, generally do not make use of the platform or are at a loss as to how they can use the Google Navigation feature.

While Windows phone users cannot access Google Maps, iOS users have access to this feature by manually installing it on their phones. With the Galaxy S9, you are afforded free access to the Google Navigation feature that will act as your satellite navigation right from your phone.

Despite the prolonged Beta stage, the Google Navigation service works igreat almost anywhere. It offers a step by step guide to your destination. From public transport, walking, or in your car, you can be sure to reach your destination with the Google Navigation feature on your Samsung Galaxy S9.

With the Galaxy S9, you do not need to install the app to use it. All you simply have to do is enable your device’s location with a good data connection, and you are good to go. The steps highlighted below will help you understand how the Google Navigation feature works

Galaxy 9: Built-in GPS

  1. Turn on your phone, scroll to the App Menu and launch Google Maps
  2. The white box located at the top of the screen is where you will type in your destination
  3. On the right-hand side of the screen is a car icon. Click on it to access the estimated travel time and navigation options
  4. You can edit the travel details depending on travel methods, preferred routes as well as the start and end points
  5. To start, click on START NAVIGATION or use the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen
  6. You’ll see a disclaimer that directions are not hundred percent accurate. You should click ’’Confirm’’ to accept the terms and start your journey
  7. Immediately, the app will switch to the Google Navigation screen to begin your guided navigation trip

These simple steps will help you setup your Google Navigation. With your GPS on, all directions will be easy and forthcoming and of the highest accuracy. In addition to GPS navigation, you’ll see incident reports, traffic info and dynamic rerouting.

The only Google features missing here are speed camera warnings and speed limits overlays.

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