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How to Use Headset Controls on Galaxy S9

How to Use Headset Controls on Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a headset that has buttons for using voice commands and controlling music.  If you want to know how to use the headset controls, this post is for you; it’ll teach you everything about using your Galaxy S9 with the headset.

Overview of Galaxy S9 Headset Controls

The Galaxy S9 headset has three buttons: the Volume Down and Volume Up button and the Select button.

With the Select Button, you will be able to:

  • Control all the music on your device when listening to it
  • Use the Google Search feature
  • Receive incoming calls and hanging up without taking your phone out of your pocket

How to Use the Voice Command

To activate the Google Search feature, press and hold the Select button. After that, you can use any voice command you want. You’ll be able to use anything Google supports using the Select button of the headset.

You can Use the Task such as:

  • Navigate home
  • Open Camera
  • Calls
  • Check for missed calls
  • Check weather

The Google Search can mainly understand any of your keywords. You’ll find the best formulation for your essential voice commands as you try it out.

How to Control the Music on Galaxy S9

You’ll be able to perform this function with most of the apps that work on Galaxy S9; this is the main options:

  • Use the Volume Down/up button to adjust the volume when playing music
  • Click Select button once to stop music
  • Click Select key back when the music paused
  • Double tap the Select button to go to the next song
  • Press the Select button three times repeatedly to go back to the previous track

The best part is that these functions work even when you are using another active window or app.

How to Control Voice Calls

Press the Select button once whenever you want to receive an incoming call or hang up.
Now that you know how to use your Galaxy S9 with the headset, you can always try the third party headsets. The performance is almost the same, so you don’t have to beat yourself up if the headset damage or you lose it.

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