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How To Use Incognito Mode On OnePlus 5

How To Use Incognito Mode On OnePlus 5

If you are a OnePlus 5 user who has a super suspicious girlfriend, hiding your web browsing tracks is the solution to prevent love quarrels in the future. And what’s the best way to hide the tracks other than the “Incognito Mode” on your phone’s Google Chrome app. Using the Incognito Mode will not save all the view histories and search queries you’ve made. Also, it won’t store any logins, passwords or anything correlated to it.

Incognito Mode, in layman’s term, is a mode which doesn’t store anything you do with it. It’s essential to know that it doesn’t erase the cookies, which result in it being kept on your device even though you’re in this mode.

Using the Incognito Mode on OnePlus 5

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Open your Chrome browser
  3. Press the three-dot symbol located in the top right corner of the screen
  4. Press the “New incognito tab” option then it’ll redirect you to the Incognito Mode

There are tons of web browsers available on Google Play which works like the Incognito mode in the sense that it hides your surfing tracks. One example is the Dolphin Zero. One more great alternative is the Opera Browser, which has a browser-wide privacy mode that’s similar to the Incognito.

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Nov 27, 2017

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